PROFINET: High Value for Machine Builders

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“It just works; no problems”, was the immediate response of an SPS/IPC/Drives fair visitor in front of our new paper airplane machine. I had asked about his experiences with PROFINET.

Because I did not have to carry on a “general conversation,” we talked specifically about his concrete benefits during the integration of PROFINET in his new machine:

First, the communication technology supports the innovations currently underway in advanced machinery. Namely, it enables quicker production through exact and high-performance communication. Today with the communication faster than typical fieldbus systems, PROFINET offers present-day and future-proof performance.

Paper Airplane Builder
Paper Airplane Builder

For the machine manufacturer, innovation means not just fast communications but also the integration of higher-valued sensors and actuators. These deliver quality data for supervision and optimization. Because standard Ethernet inherently allows multiple applications (and protocols) to run in parallel, TCP/IP, large volumes of PROFINET acyclic data, and PROFINET real-time data can all use the same infrastructure.

Two points were important during the commissioning. On the one hand, small units or modules could be tested independently of a running controller. Then during assembly, the location and diagnosis of the devices was quickly possible thanks to the naming concept of PROFINET. Costs were reduced due to PROFINET features that simplify commissioning. At the same time, the features in PROFINET allowed the machine builder to make a more valuable machine.

This conversation and other experiences encouraged the team here at PI to take new action to further share the value of PROFINET in the machine builder market. The visible success in the rising numbers of devices attests to the valuable advantage that PROFINET technology can offer to a machine builder’s users.

Innovate your machines with the new possibilities of PROFINET. We are always glad to receive your feedback, in any amount of detail:

Xaver Schmidt
Chair, PROFINET Marketing Working Group