New Products: Issue 126

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New products this month include modular protocol functionality, a PC based controller for IoT, multi-protocol ICs, a heating control system, PROFIsafe rotary encoders, a new PROFINET stack, and an expanded connector lineup.  Click the headlines for all the details.

Modular Way of Adding Flexible Protocols2014_AAC_Distributech_Poster_UNO_(30x 45inch)_P

Advantech’s new iDoor technology is a modular way of adding flexible functionality to a wide range of devices by providing the ability to choose different protocols without purchasing additional devices that have excess cost and additional features never used. Modules for iDoor systems include Profibus, Profinet, and others. Currently this technology is available on many of Advantech’s Touch Panel Computers and Embedded Automation Computers.

PC-based Controller Supports PROFINET and PROFIBUSNIFE100

NEXCOM, an Associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, has added the NIFE 100 series to NEXCOM Industrial Fieldbus Embedded (NIFE) family to help today’s manufacturing benefit from the value of the Internet of Things (IoT). To enable cross-protocol communication, the PC-based controller NIFE 100 series supports seven fieldbus protocols, including PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and others.

Ready-to-Install Bus Nodes for PROFINET and PROFIBUS
Figure 1: Ready-to-install DIL 32 bus node: UNIGATE IC from Deutschmann Automation

Ready-to-install UNIGATE IC bus nodes from Deutschmann Automation relieve automation manufacturers from having to develop interfaces and thereby help them offer products for various protocols with little one-time development effort. Ready-to-install two-port interfaces from the UNIGATE FC series additionally feature conventional connection hardware: the miniature nodes comprise two RJ interfaces with diagnosis LEDs.

Easy Integration of Industrial Heating ProcessesIndustrielle Heizprozesse einfach in die Automatisierung integrieren / Easy integration of industrial heating processes into automated systems

From Siemens, two new product lines are available for controlling electrical heating elements in 230 V and 400 V/480 V networks: Siplus HCS4200 and HCS4300. Industrial heating processes can be integrated in TIA Portal; meaning simplified engineering, effective diagnosis and easy parameterization. The Siplus HCS heating control systems integrate components including switching elements and fuses as well as functions such as Profinet communication, actuation mechanisms and extensive, detailed diagnostics in one compact device.

Absolute Encoder with SIL-CL3 CertificateHuebner_Giessen_ AMNH + AMP 41

Johannes Hübner Giessen presents the new series of absolute encoders with SIL CL3 certificate for deployment in applications requiring certified compliance with functional safety requirements. Specifically developed for heavy industry the AMP(H) 41 (PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS-DP) and AMPN(H) 41 (PROFIsafe via PROFINET IO) are certified to DIN EN 61508 up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) CL3 and to EN ISO 13849 up to Performance Level (PL) e.

Expanded Protocol Stack Portfolioprofinet_montage

MicroControl is well-known for its particularly reliable, fast, and economical protocol stacks. At the embedded world 2015 in Nuremberg, MicroControl has presented its new stacks for the PROFINET protocol. This further step into the industrial Ethernet segment is the company’s future-oriented conclusion drawn from tendencies in the market of the growing importance of PROFINET.

Expansion of M8, M12, 7/8” Cable AssembliesPressPhoto.M8M12

HARTING has unveiled a major expansion of its M8, M12 and 7/8” overmolded cable assembly lineup for data and signal applications, providing customers with the convenience of one-stop shopping for reliable, robust connectivity. This largest-ever expansion of HARTING assemblies features a number of firsts, including a complete roster of popular M8 versions with both 3- and 4-pole configurations.