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Softing has a new video describing how to access HART parameters over PROFIBUS. They’ve also written an article on diagnostics within PROFINET. Balluff has two new Application Notes describing the benefits of decentralized I/O. GE introduces a new demo board for the PROFINET one-day training classes. German Chancellor Merkel visits Siemens’ showcase factory.

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Softing Video:

Softing Article:

With the growing use of Industrial Ethernet, in particular PROFINET, in modern production facilities, plant operators are faced with a technology that opens up a host of new possibilities. To fully exploit PROFINET’s advantages, long-established commissioning and operation practices must be reviewed and adapted to the new conditions. General standards and rules for acceptance testing, monitoring and diagnostics of PROFINET networks are currently still being discussed.

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Balluff Application Notes

Balluff_DistributedModularIO_en-USSimplify Integration and Overall Conveyor Costs with Distributed Modular I/O
Using distributed modular I/O, the number of network nodes and bus cables can be reduced by up to 80%. For analog channels, the cost of an expensive analog module in the PLC and shielded cables running long distances can be reduced by implementing analog input devices right at the source of the signal.

Reduce Validation Costs by Eliminating Re-Parameterization
Balluff’s Distributed Modular I/O with the open standard IO-Link allows bidirectional communication between field devices and Industrial Networks.

GE High-Availability Demo

DemoGE has incorporated interactive elements into their PROFINET high availability demo kit. Available to view at upcoming PROFINET one-day workshops, the new kit includes a multi-touch QuickPanel+ operator interface (OI) for demonstrating how PROFINET works in a redundant system. The 10” OI has an HMI that shows a PROFINET Media Redundancy (MRP) ring architecture. Students can break connections in the physical system and watch as PROFINET reroutes connections to the controllers that are still connected. PROFINET MRP provides the speed needed to meet the redundancy requirements of high-speed I/O, and helps to ensure that network failure won’t disrupt the control system.

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German Chancellor Merkel Visits Siemens’ Showcase “Digital Factory”

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel besucht die "Digitale Fabrik" - Hoher Besuch im Elektronikwerk Amberg / German Chancellor Merkel visits the "Digital Factory" / Eminent visit to the Amberg Electronics FactoryOn February 23, 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Siemens’ Electronics Factory in Amberg, Bavaria, and was briefed on the current status of production automation as it moves toward Industrie 4.0. Key elements of the coming industrial world are already being used at the Amberg factory: Products communicate with machines and all processes are optimized and controlled via IT.

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