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In member news this month, Phoenix Contact has introduced a hybrid magazine+catalog App for the iPad. It contains both topical articles as well as a product library. Delta Computer Systems is expanding its work space to accommodate new personnel and expanded training and test labs.

Phoenix Contact USA announces iPad App

icon175x175The app acts as a product library. You download the app itself, and then the most recent issue. You can find the app by searching “Phoenix Contact” in the iPad App Store.

The Spring 2015 issue features:

  • North American Cordsets – hundreds of standard configurations, ready to ship and priced right
  • Designline IP65 industrial PC (screen example right) – attractive, fanless, energy-efficient design
  • MINI Pro – analog signal conditioners with an ultra-narrow footprint
  • ME-IO housing – customizable I/O with integrated-front connectivity
  • mGuard Secure Cloud – industrial remote secure connectivity
  • QUINT power supplies and UPS solutions – customizable connections

We plan to have three or four updated issues per year, depending on the number of new products introduced. Once you’ve downloaded a specific issue, the content resides on your iPad, so you don’t have to access the Internet (unless you choose to follow a link to the Phoenix Contact website to review more information). If you need to clear out space, you can use the gear icon in the corner to delete old issues.

Download App

Delta Headquarters Buildout adds Space

Delta Computer Systems, Inc. is expanding its work space to accommodate new personnel and expanded hydraulic motion control training and test labs.

pr_20150618“In 2009 we grew out of available space at our old location and after 25 plus years the time was right to build a new building,” stated Steve Nylund, Delta’s CEO. “The new facility was designed to meet 2009 and future requirements, with special features such as ESD flooring throughout the Production area, and a large configurable Training classroom.”

The new building included space for future expansion. And Delta will now be taking advantage of this expansion space to meet needs driven by continued growth. The 2015 buildout includes eight new and remodeled offices, 1,000 square feet of additional warehouse space and nearly 1,200 square feet of expanded testing and training lab space for use by the several hundred people that get trained on Delta motion control products each year.