IO-Link: Did You Know?

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Did you know that over 100 members now belong to the IO-Link community?

IO-Link has established itself in the market faster than almost any other communication technology. At the market launch in 2009, there were 41 member companies to start. Now with the addition of Weiss Robotics in October, the 100th company has joined the member community. The company especially appreciates the ease of installation, parameter assignment, and fieldbus independence. For smaller companies in particular, it is not always easy to develop, maintain, test, and support all interfaces. Often, the effort and costs are out of proportion with the benefits. This is especially true when small quantities are involved. The fieldbus-neutral IO-Link standard is the ideal solution for linking products to different systems and controllers worldwide. The diagnostic possibilities offered by the intelligent link, such as new concepts for status-oriented maintenance, are another important aspect.

The current node counts also reflect the arrival of IO-Link in the market. Notarized statistics yielded that the number of IO-Link nodes in the field nearly doubled from 2013 to 2014 to almost 2.2 million. Incidentally: the member count has risen to 108 by the editorial deadline. The growth thus continues unabated!