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mastsim_pnetNew PROFINET Master Simulator

HMS PROFINET Master Simulator is an easy to use software for data exchange with PROFINET Slaves of many suppliers. The PROFINET Master Simulator can exchange data with many PROFINET Slaves even without a PROFINET Master. Furthermore the PROFINET Master Simulator also processes GSD-files as well as the input of special configurations to start the data exchange with PROFINET Slaves.

PROFINET-Modbus-Mini-Diagram_protocol_sliderFour New Gateways

ProSoft Technology is bringing Modbus and PROFINET together. To connect Modbus devices on several networks, the PROFINET Device to Modbus Serial Gateway with four Serial ports can help. To avoid changing IP addresses to have your OEM machine communicate with your PLC, the Modbus TCP/IP to PROFINET Device Gateway allows users to do just that. To connect to a single serial network, the Modbus Serial to PROFINET Device Gateway is the answer. For devices all on the same subnet, the Modbus TCP/IP to PROFINET Device Gateway is ideal.

Erweitertes Stromversorgungssystem bietet höhere Flexibilität und Verfügbarkeit / Expanded power supply system offers greater flexibility and higher availabilityExpanded power supply system

Siemens has added further base units, buffer modules and extra functions to its Sitop PSU8600 power supply system. With a 40 ampere load current, the new buffer modules increase availability by achieving bridging times of up to 20 seconds in case of power failures. Comprehensive operating and diagnostics information is available through the integral PROFINET interface.

DC/DC-Steller-Leistungsspektrum auf 120 Kilowatt erweitert / DCP DC/DC converter power spectrum extended to 120 kilowattsDCP DC/DC Converter Extended

Siemens has extended the power range of its Sinamics DCP DC/DC power converter from 30 to 120 kilowatts. The high switching frequency allows the use of smaller chokes, making the Sinamics DCP extremely economical on space. The Sinamics DCP can be used in applications such as energy storage systems in photovoltaic installations or wind power farms, alongside press applications, diesel-powered harbor cranes, rack handling systems or quick-charging stations for eCars. A PROFINET interface is also available for integration into industrial networks.

netIC IOT-Image copy 2Object Oriented and IoT Ready

Hilscher has enhanced its DIL-32 communication IC with central functions for IoT-communication. The new IoT-ready netIC is based on the netX52 multi-protocol chip. Besides high-performance Real-Time Ethernet communication, the netIC IOT includes both an integrated OPC UA server and a MQTT client. This data will be transferred via the TCP/IP channel of a Real-Time Ethernet protocol, such as PROFINET, on the same physical media without any influence on the real-time performance.