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PROFIsafe is growing rapidly and PI is providing multiple classes to educate users, machine builders, and device makers in the benefits of this technology. Educational opportunities range from webinars to certification classes. Two PROFIsafe-specific classes are scheduled in Germany with the certification class offered only in English.

User Workshop

PI Germany has scheduled a PROFIsafe User-Workshop for machine builders and device manufacturers in Bruchsal, Germany July 5th, 2016. The workshop is hosted by SEW EURODRIVE.

Over 5.1 million bus nodes use PROFIsafe and the tremendous growth of the past years confirms PROFIsafe as a leading safety field bus communication system that enables many new functions in fieldbus modules. Besides reducing wiring, it enables a much higher flexibility and availability within systems. Life cycles can be greatly extended when safety is correctly considered and implemented.

A highlight of the workshop will be the presentation of the interoperable live demo that displays the functionality of PROFIsafe technology as well as a micro trade show which allows manufacturers to engage with machine builders in a new setting.

The workshop is held in the German language and participation is free of charge. For more information and registration.

PROFIsafe Certified Designer Training

The required quality of PROFIsafe products and systems highly depends on the quality of the know-how of the development teams and on the deployed methods and procedures. An adequate range of trainings can assure the necessary level. Thus, the responsible PI working groups in cooperation with TÜV developed a training scheme, which is available to all PI members in charge of PROFIsafe and safety. This three-day session includes a written test at the end of each day. Experts having passed all tests will receive a TÜV certificate ‘Certified PROFIsafe Designer.’ The training should be repeated every third year in order to continuously keep the knowledge up-to-date. The second PROFIsafe and safety training activity in 2016 takes place from October 11 to 13, 2016 in Karlsruhe/Germany in the English language. The attendance fee is 500.00 €, excluding VAT.  Register here.


Screen Shot 05-17-16 at 04.51 PMPROFIsafe – Functional Safety over PROFIBUS and PROFINET

This webinar explains how PROFIsafe meets the requirements for conducting safety functions over PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  It also briefly describes how I/O and PLCs are designed to send and receive safety information.

Drive Safety

Prior to the introduction of PROFIsafe, drive/motor safety meant removing complete power from the drive.  And if coasting was a hazard: adding an external brake.  Sadly, that may not have been the safest action to take.  It may be safer to maintain a certain torque level to hold a web in position, for example.  Or it may be safer to move the shaft so the machine went to a safe position.  Now, these safety states and others can be achieved.  To discover these other drive safety states, watch our Drive Safety webcast.

PROFIsafe is also covered in North America in PROFINET one-day training classes.  For a full list of all classes worldwide visit here.