PI Australia hosts Global Meeting

Australia is at the back end of a 20 year resources boom and transitioning away from a mining investment-based economy. Efficiency and productivity are essential to keep Australia competitive and the event contrasted global developments with our local needs. Our technologies are at the innovative forefront of IIoT and Industrie 4.0 and it was our ambition to start the dialogue between the major stakeholders to work towards an innovative mindset in our industry.

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PI Annual Meeting News

Regional PI Associations (RPAs) from around the world gathered for their annual meeting in Sydney Australia and stayed to support PI Australia’s PROFIBUS & PROFINET Global Forum and Automation Innovation Summit.

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Four Tips to Extend the Life of Your PROFIBUS Installation

During the last few years, industrial communication systems based on Ethernet (PROFINET mainly) have spread immensely. Transitions toward innovative technologies require huge investments: purchase of new field devices, new cabling and higher-performance processors. For many companies, the investment in new protocols is not a real necessity and can be postponed by investing in the existing plant. Here are four tips to extend the life of an existing PROFIBUS network.

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PROFIBUS Early Warning System

Even modern fieldbuses like PROFIBUS are unable to maintain their perfect post-installation condition indefinitely. Some "aging" is inevitable and this could eventually lead to bus faults and costly production losses. These problems can be avoided by continuously monitoring the PROFIBUS networks. The Softing solution deployed at the Aschaffenburg paper mill delivers benefits that receive the “thumbs up” from its staff.

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Training – Focus on PROFIsafe

PROFIsafe is growing rapidly and PI is providing multiple classes to educate users, machine builders, and device makers in the benefits of this technology. Educational opportunities range from webinars to certification classes. Two PROFIsafe-specific classes are scheduled in Germany with the certification class offered only in English.

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IO-Link: Did You Know

Did you know that IO-Link is superseding the nameplate? Every IO-Link device contains all of the relevant details about the device. Not only are the item number, date of manufacture, and firmware or hardware edition stored but it is also possible with device profiles to distinguish the equipment type, e.g. whether it is a pressure switch or a proximity switch. Even the layout of the process data or the structure and thresholds of the IO-Link device-specific parameters are accurately described by the IODD (IO Device Description) file. In addition, machine or plant-specific information can be stored in the device by the user.

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Social Media Survey

PI is active in social media. We are networking to the core. That means networking a manufacturing line, as well as networking with colleagues around the globe. PROFIBUS and PROFINET help network your factory, while social media helps network PI with our customers. What social media channels do you use? Take our short survey!

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