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F-Host test tool for PROFIsafe V2.61 available

In August, ifak released on behalf of PROFIBUS / PROFINET International the new version of the F-Host test tool. This new version supports the most recent PROFIsafe specification V2.6.1 and is also backward compatible to PROFIsafe V2.4. The development process was evaluated by TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH.

Potential users of the F-Host test tool are PI test labs using it for official certification tests and vendors of F-Host controllers using it for in-house tests. The F-Host test tool is aimed to prove the correct functionality of the F-Host state machine [PI2014]. Thus, the F-Host (Device under Test, DUT) is stimulated by field bus communication namely PROFIBUS or PROFINET. The architecture of the F-Host test system is oriented at the ISO standard for Conformance testing methodology and framework [ISO1994]. The architecture of the complete test setup is shown in Figure 1.

Figure_1_Architecture (Medium)
Figure 1: Architecture of the F-Host test system

The F-Host test tool performs tests in the form of test projects. Inside the test projects dedicated test cases are placed / referenced. Each test case references to a test script containing the test instructions. The test instructions will be interpreted and transformed into process data send and received to/from the DUT. The fieldbus specific datagrams will be created in a separate device called PROFILgate (Figure 2). This device implements a generic fieldbus interface for PROFIBUS and PROFINET, easy to use in high level development platforms or tools. The test project contains information which fieldbus communication system shall be used for the test.

Figure_2_Communication_Path (Medium)
Figure 2: Communication path F-Host test tool to Device Under Test

The F-Host test tool compares the received data from DUT with the expected data defined in the test script and creates a verdict. It is important to note that there is a (software) part of the test system that is running on the DUT. This part is called upper tester and must be adapted to each DUT. This is in responsibility of each vendor of the DUT.

The F-Host test tool provides prepared test suites for PI conformance tests. These suites cover the PROFIsafe protocol versions BP (Basic protocol, corresponds to V2.4), LP (Loop-back extension) and XP (Expanded protocol) as well as the variants with/without persistent storage of faults. The test scripts are generated from the F-Host state machine by means of a formal transformation process. The official test suites and test scripts for PI certification tests are signed in order to prevent it from modifications. In addition, the creation of own test scripts is possible for in-house tests. The test tool provides the necessary editors.

Test results will be presented in form of detailed logging information and a short summary. This information may be exported as a test report. Interested companies should contact the PI Support Center.

Author: Dr. Matthias Riedl, Elke Hintze, Institut für Automation und Kommunikation e.V.



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