New Videos

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Two new videos help with understanding PROFINET and PROFIsafe. From Indu-Sol comes a video that shows how PROFINET works by using a street traffic analogy. From PI we have a live demo of PROFIsafe working. PI maintains three YouTube channels to which viewers can subscribe.


Congested highways, many intersections with traffic lights, and the ever-present heavy trucks slowing you down – traffic obstructions such as these are a nuisance not only to car drivers. In automated networks such as PROFINET, the “data highway” of the industry, so to speak, such obstacles play a decisive role in the quality of the communication and thus also affect production results. Those users who are aware of the significance of this correlation and who set up their networks accordingly are awarded with long-term stable data communication.

PROFIsafe Video

The strengths of PROFIsafe have made it the market leading communication protocol for safety-related applications. Evidence of this can be seen in the more than 5 million installed PROFIsafe nodes (at end of 2015). To demonstrate the strengths of PROFIsafe, the PROFIsafe Marketing Working Group of PI has created a live demo video. The PROFIsafe live demo consists of the combination of a live application and a device wall.

“Old” Videos

PI maintains three YouTube channels.

On PROFItelevision are dozens of live and animated videos including the very popular PROFINET Intro with 60,000 views and the PROFIBUS dialogs series.

The MinutePROFINET channel includes 22 individual one-minute videos, each highlighting a dimension of PROFINET. You can view all of them in order with this playlist or catch the most recent four that relate Industrie 4.0, IoT, IIoT, and PROFINET.

The PROFIblogger has a channel of less formal videos, including the 47-second Venn diagram showing visually the relationship between Industrie 4.0, Iot, IIot, and PROFINET. And two five-year old PROFIsafe videos for discrete and process.