Industrial Network Longevity

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Secure and stable networks form the basis of high performance industrial communication. The only chance for their longevity is that they remain in perfect working condition. Is this currently the case?

Image 1: VORTEX 2016
Image 1: VORTEX 2016

VORTEX 2016 (Image 1) for the first time delivers a comprehensive appraisal of the status of industrial networks across technologies and countries. This knowledge base is the result of a total of 677 measurements, for which Indu-Sol was commissioned in 2015.

Indu-Sol_Image 2 (Medium)
Image 2: Qualification tests and troubleshooting
Indu-Sol_Image 3 (Medium)
Image 3: Reason for use by technology (+ Chart Calls/Share)

On the basis of 400 fault diagnoses and 277 field tests for checking the proper installation and stability of communication (qualification tests, Image 2), a clear picture emerges: Factors in the production environment as well as the duration of operation of machines and systems, often extending into several years, which are equipped with proven technologies such as PROFIBUS are already resulting in symptoms of “old age” (Image 3). In order to continue to guarantee their operational availability, it is necessary to provide for the permanent monitoring of the network status for early identification of any degradation in quality of telegram traffic.

For more recent technologies such as PROFINET, the focus among other things is on the issue of an advantageous network structure as required by efficient data communication and also on the selection of the best update rate according to one’s own purposes. Moreover, there is strong demand for information across all technologies on guaranteeing the electromagnetic compatibility of industrial machines and systems.

The large number of field tests depicts one portion of the worldwide market for products and services offered for the maintenance of industrial networks, and this market is growing continuously – especially considering developments towards Industry 4.0. In light of this, the mission at present and for the future is: In order to guarantee global economic competition, comprehensive solutions must be available which are able to ensure the long-term stable functioning of the lifelines of our industrial communication. This process and its effects will also play an important role in future issues of VORTEX, which from now on will be released annually.

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