Product News – October 2016

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The product news this month is from MESCO Engineering and Weidmüller. MESCO’s Software Library simplifies the development of safe drives in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2. Weidmüller “u-remote” provides safe, digital I/O modules for PROFIsafe with integrated protection and precise diagnostics in a small format. Click on the headline for details.

MESCO Engineering

During the development of safe drives a substantial portion of the effort (and costs) involved can be attributed to the implementation of safety functions.
MESCO Systems has put together many safety-related functions in one software library. It can be universally deployed and thus allows drive manufacturers to significantly reduce their development costs and shorten development times. Read more…


20150304-medium In producing the two safety modules “4DI/4DO” and “8DI” for connection to PROFIsafe, Weidmüller is continuing to build on its “u-remote” remote I/O system, which already has a firm foothold on the market. The two new and innovative safety modules complement the existing safe power-feed modules of the “u-remote” system. Learn more…