IO-Link Members Assembly

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IO-Link grows and grows and grows – both the number of members and the number of installed nodes. Thus, Reinhard Schlagenhaufer, Speaker of the Steering Committee of IO-Link, was delighted to be able to present the latest positive growth figures at the IO-Link Members Assembly on June 22, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany to nearly 50 participants.

161 companies have joined the IO-Link community. In particular, the increasing share of international companies, especially from Japan, has to be emphasized. This is certainly due to the newly founded IO-Link Community in Japan, which was founded in April 2017; it already includes 24 companies, according to Hidetoshi Matsumoto of Omron, who presented the activities of the IO-Link Community Japan at Members Meeting.

In addition to these success stories, many current technology topics were also on the agenda, e. g. IO-Link Safety, Wireless, IO-Link Integration, Profiles and, of course, Industrie 4.0. A special highlight was the application report of Horst Klesse from Elopak. This one-day meeting was packed with the latest information on IO-Link.