Product News – July 2017

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Nine new products are introduced this month for PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link: Banner IO-Link sensor, Helmholz PROFINET switches, Phoenix Contact signal conditioners and gateways, ProSoft Ethernet gateways, and three PROFIBUS PA products from Vivace.

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Banner Engineering

High-performance LTF Series Sensors detect targets regardless of color, material, or sheen from up to 12 m away, straight-on or at an angle. It features analog and discrete or dual discrete outputs for measuring and detection applications. The two-line, eight-character display and push-button programming provides easy setup, troubleshooting and real-time distance measuring. Available with IO-Link.


The new Helmholz 4 and 8-port managed PROFINET switches, users can fully exploit the possibilities of their PROFINET networks. The supported PROFINET protocols, such as LLDP, DCP, or even diagnostic alarms, can be easily configured and administered.


Hilscher and Element14, the Raspberry manufacturer, developed a Raspberry Pi 3 architecture based platform specially hardened for industrial use. The design combines the original Pi 3 circuitry and Hilscher’s netX multi-protocol industrial network controller on a single board. With netX, protocols such as PROFINET, or other Industrial Ethernet protocol are supported.

Phoenix Contact Signal Conditioners

The Mini Analog Pro signal conditioners from Phoenix Contact, featuring bus and network connection combine the benefits of safe electrical isolation with those of digital communication. Up to eight field signals can be transmitted to industrial networks without error on less than 50 mm overall width. Signal-specific input cards are no longer required.  The new plug-in gateways digitize this output data and send it directly from the interface level to the control system or PLC via a serial communication protocol such as PROFIBUS.

Phoenix Contact Serial Gateways

Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of serial device servers and gateways that gives automation engineers an easy and cost-effective way to connect control systems and field devices.

Performing routine maintenance, upgrades, or expansion of control systems can lead to a communications gap between legacy devices and emerging technologies. Many companies have traditionally depended on serial system connectivity and are now trying to integrate controls that communicate via Ethernet. This new family of serial device servers and gateways support most common industrial protocols including PROFINET.

ProSoft Gateways

EtherNet/IP, Modbus, and PROFINET have become increasingly prevalent across the automation industry – and so has the need to connect them. With its newest gateway solutions, ProSoft Technology is allowing companies to use their EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP/IP-based PLCs/PACs to control their PROFINET devices.


Vivace introduces three new PROFIBUS PA products: