Kingspan Monitors Multiple Parameters with PROFIBUS

Kingspan Insulation produces insulation panels for roofs, walls, and floors. An essential part of this production process is to control the flow of adhesive with high accuracy and stability. Besides that, the additives used in the adhesive need to be dosed precisely. To gain the highest quality end-product, Kingspan installed a PROFIBUS network and new flow meters.

Kingspan Insulation and Bronkhorst Cori-Tech analyzed the production process and identified the problems. To gain the best results, replacing the existing large sensors and pumps (which were controlling at the bottom of their range) was necessary. Using (mini) Cori-Flow sensors instead of large sensors and pumps, resulted in the following benefits:

Very fast production

Using (smaller) Cori-Flow sensors, Kingspan Insulation was able to gain a faster response time. Combined with a high speed PROFIBUS network, this resulted in the ability to speed up the production line.

Multiple parameter control over PROFIBUS

The communication over PROFIBUS made it possible to monitor multiple parameters simultaneously like pump-control status, fluid density, alarms, totalizers, etc. This insight directly led to:

Improved quality of the panels

After introducing the sensors of Bronkhorst Cori-Tech, the quality of the end product raised significantly. Gathering the data over PROFIBUS, Kingspan could precisely control the additives dosed in the adhesive dispenser. The amount of rejected end-product has been brought to a minimum as a result.