Product News – October 2017

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Hilscher: Next Edge Gateway “Connect”

Under the brand netIOT, Hilscher is about to release a third gateway among a series of PROFINET capable Edge Gateways. The device named “Connect”  enables the customer to do data aggregation, processing, and forwarding on the edge of IT and OT networks. On the shop floor, the gateway is a standard PROFINET I/O device talking to the PLC master. On the top floor, it exchanges data with cloud systems utilizing the preinstalled flow-based IoT programming tool Node-RED.

Harting: UHF RFID 4 Field Reader Now Available with M12 and M8 Connections

HARTING has expanded their powerful 4 Field Reader. The Ha-VIS RFID Reader RF-R400 provides concentrated RFID performance with robust M8 and M12 connectors. Network, power supply, RS232, two digital trigger signal inputs and four digital signal outlets are available via circular connectors. The new reader also meets the requirements of the industrial and rail market.

Harting: New M12 PushPull Variants Address Space-Saving Demands for Train Communication

As the railway sector and rail transport markets continue to grow, trains are being equipped with even more modern information technology resulting in more communication components. HARTING offers space-saving M12 solutions to meet the industry’s demands. Until now, the M12 PushPull was only offered in a straight version with A, D and X coding, with only the male versions available on the market. HARTING has now rounded out this special connector solution with new housing shapes and female versions.

Vivace: Profibus-PA to Output Converter

VPO10 is a three-channel output converter, where the user can choose the actuation in current (4-20 mA) or discrete output with an open collector (maximum current 400 mA, 24 Vdc), which guarantees great application versatility. VPO10 is a converter that provides the easy connection of conventional (4-20 mA devices) end elements such as control valve positioners and other final control elements to the Profibus systems.

Vivace: Analog Signal to Profibus-PA Converter

VAP10 is an analog converter that allows up to 3 input channels for 4-20 mA (or 0-20 mA) or 0-5 Vdc signals to be converted to Profibus-PA. The user can configure each channel to work with current or voltage, which ensures great versatility on VAP10 applications. This converter is suitable to easy integrate conventional devices to Profibus-PA technology.

MESCO: Software Library Simplifies the Development of Safety Drives in Accordance with IEC 61800-5-2

During the development of safety drives, a substantial portion of the effort (and costs) involved can be attributed to the implementation of safety functions. MESCO Systems has put together many safety-related functions in one software library. It can be universally deployed and thus allows drive manufacturers to significantly reduce their development costs and shorten development times.

Helmholz: New DP/PN coupler

With the new Helmholz DP/PN coupler, the connection of PROFIBUS devices to PROFINET is easy and straightforward. It supports the data transfer between the PROFIBUS master and the PROFINET controller. The maximum size of the transferable data is 244 Byte for input and 244 bytes for output data. The configuration of the DP/PN coupler occurs via a GSD file on the PROFIBUS side and a GSDML file on the PROFINET side. No further configuration software is necessary.