Product News – September 2017

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New products are announced by Bihl+Wiedemann, Hilscher, SICK, Siemens, and Vivace.

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Bihl+Wiedemann BWU3367

With the AS-i Safety + PROFIsafe + Safe Link gateway BWU3367 from Bihl+Wiedemann, systems with safe drives can also be flexibly networked with each other and operated in a decentralized concept. This is possible due to the implementation of three safety protocols within one device: PROFIsafe, Safe Link, and AS-i Safety.

Hilscher plans first ‘coupler’ between CC-Link IE and PROFINET

When the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) announced a new joint specification to allow easy interoperability between CC-Link IE and PROFINET, they centered the specification on the functionality of a ‘coupler’ device which would allow transparent communication between the two protocols. Now Hilscher, has demonstrated its intent to bring the first coupler products to market, enabling both networks to seamlessly share information.

Hilscher netMIRROR Mirror-TAP

The Hilscher netMIRROR Mirror-TAP provides a permanent diagnostic access point to industrial networks.

Ethernet-based field bus systems such as PROFINET not only form the backbone for modern automation solutions but also for future applications in the context of industrial IoT. Ethernet infrastructure in the shop floor has therefore high demands on availability and failure safety. Diagnostic access points should be installed in each network infrastructure; as mentioned in the PROFINET Planning Guideline. Thus, in case of failure, it is possible to react quickly and effectively to isolate and eliminate malfunctions. The netMIRROR diagnostic access point from Hilscher allows passive observation of frame traffic on the wire. The netMIRROR is thus also suitable as a secure and permanently installed access to read-out data streams for industrial IoT applications.

SICK: safety laser scanners

The new safety laser scanner microScan3 Core – PROFINET by SICK: available in Q4 2017

The new safety laser scanner suits many different applications. It offers configuration through the network, it supports the PROFIsafe Profiles 2.4 and 2.61, has an IRT capable switch and is PROFIenergy compatible. microScan3 Core – PROFINET can monitor up to four protective fields simultaneously and meets German automotive standards. Device status, checksums, and additional information (e.g. I&M data and alarms) are available via the network. Important diagnostics and information can be found on the display of the device.

Siemens Simatic PDM

New version of Simatic PDM (Process Device Manager) Maintenance Station V2.0 includes

  • Further development based on Namur recommendations NE 105, NE 107 and NE 129
  • Data collector for cyclic transfer of status data to cloud based systems
  • Use of existing Simatic automation system communication structure
  • Application independently of the automation and control system used
  • PROFINET and PROFIBUS Connected devices

Vivace Profibus-PA Remote I/O

The VIO10 is a remote I/O with PROFIBUS PA communication, designed for field or panel (with DIN rail) installation. It has great versatility with temperature inputs, 4-20 mA inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs on a single hardware.


  • 16 Discrete Inputs
  • 8 Discrete Inputs
  • 3 Channels for 2 or 3 wire temperature sensors or 4-20mA/0-5Vdc inputs
  • 2 Analog Outputs 4-20mA