New Products – June 2018

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HBM introduces the ClipX Signal Conditioner for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

With an accuracy class of 0.01 and an integrated calibration certificate, the interference-proof signal conditioner ClipX is setting new standards in industrial process control. ClipX adapts to your measurement task, regardless of whether it is used with single- or multiple-channel applications, in manufacturing machines, in test benches or for production monitoring. It is available with either a PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface.

LCBPROFINET  – Load Cell Universal Digitizer from Laumas

The LCB digitizer transforms an analog load cell (output mV/V) into digital and can also be used on existing load cells or strain gauge sensors. Thanks to this innovative product, LAUMAS is now able to provide the full range of load cells in a digital version, which can interface with any PLC via PROFINET. It is compatible with any kind of load cell or strain gauge sensor already present on the market with output mV/V and standard ¼ GAS connection. On request specific adapters are provided for coupling to the various threads of the cell.

Rugged Industrial Ethernet switches for the process industry

Siemens brings new versions of Industrial Ethernet switches onto the market. Scalance XF204-2BA DNA Y-switches also have a flat type of construction and are suitable for connecting PROFINET S2 devices to a redundant controller (AS) as an R1 system. The gigabit-capable Scalance XC-200EEC switch is used as a service bridge for protected access from a system bus to a field bus, for the construction of structured networks in the field area with line, ring or star topologies, and for connecting multiple electrical or optical PROFINET devices.