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Last year we featured over 15 application stories in PROFINEWS alone and we look forward to publicizing more PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-LINK application news in 2018. If you have an interesting PROFI-related case study or success story, share it with us! PI’s open standards encourage innovation, and part of it comes from problem solvers and creative minds in the industry. If you think your application pushed the limits and you want to feature it, we are here for you!

The process is very simple…

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Our marketing channels include social media, training classes, seminars, website, and PROFINEWS, our newsletter, delivered to over 100,000 people every month. Ultimately, we would like to have a professionally written article that appears in a trade magazine. What’s required from you is an hour or two of your time; we’ll handle all the details of interviewing, writing, imagery, and of course, your company will have full control over final content.

Some Application Stories from 2017

The following selection of application stories were featured just during the second half of 2017. Click on a title to learn more; and remember… this could be you.

Baking Bread with Wireless PROFINET: How did Austrian machine builder Softtec cut down costs when building an automation system at a bakery in Sweden? PROFINET over Bluetooth was the answer.  The bakery’s brand new baking machine has a state-of-the-art controlling system built on Siemens controls – and wireless technology from HMS Industrial Networks.

Kingspan Monitors Multiple Parameters with PROFIBUS: Kingspan produces insulation panels for roofs, walls, and floors. They were scrapping too much product and insight into the production process was limited.
To gain the highest quality end-product, Kingspan installed a PROFIBUS network and new flow meters.

Protecting Both Man and Machine with PROFIsafe: How do you design a paint shop so it’s safe for workers and workpieces? With PROFINET and PROFIsafe and a WiFi connection, ADAL Sp. z.o.o. was able to manage a highly complex application.

Efficiently Packed for Real Enjoyment: In the Food and Beverage industry, Gima SpA had a problem: they needed their new 590 Series rotary packaging machine to be both highly adaptable and very compact.
How to make these seemingly opposite capabilities? PROFINET was the answer.

Making a “case” for IO-Link: Edson Packaging Machinery had a problem. How should they expand the RFID capabilities of their case packers for their new customers? IO-Link provided the perfect solution, and a whole lot more…

Flexible Muffler Production with IO-Link: Data access all the way down to the sensor level was of paramount importance to a manufacturer of mufflers for buses and large trucks. With IO-Link gateways and hubs, multiple sensors can be linked up to controllers transparently and with minimal wiring.

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