New Products – August 2018

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Real-Time Exchange of Process and Safety Data – ABB

ABB has moved from using just one central PLC controller to that of multiple controllers capable of communicating with many machines in real-time. Now each machine controller can exchange big volumes of process and safety data in real-time to more than one central control system simultaneously.

New safety CPU modules that can now function as both a safety controller and a safety device are launched by ABB. The modules, when used with ABB’s AC500/AC500-S programmable logic controller (PLC), feature the ability to exchange process and safety data, not only from one controller to multiple devices but also from one device to multiple controllers, using PROFINET/PROFIsafe shared device functionality.

Arrow Electronics Introduces all-in-one IO-Link Master IC

Arrow Electronics has announced a new family of IC devices that enable companies to quickly add IO-Link Master functionality to their products without the addition of royalties or licence fees. Arrow joined the IO-Link Consortium in April.

The first device launched is a fully integrated STM32 microcontroller with an IO-Link Master software stack, IOLM4P-STM32L, which can control up to four IO-Link Devices via various IO-Link transceivers. The all-in-one IO-Link Master 4-port solution, will help to simplify designs, accelerate development schedules, reduce software development efforts and cut down on non-recurring engineering costs.

Hilscher Announces netX 90 Chip

Hilscher announces the netX 90, a ground-breaking addition to its netX family of single-chip network controller ASICs. The netX 90 is the latest and most advanced connectivity chip yet for slave devices. The chip addresses the fact that a large proportion of slave devices in use today will have to be replaced and/or updated if cyber risk threats are to be countered adequately for cloud-based and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

Not only does the netX 90 provide universal connectivity for all popular Real Time Ethernets (RTEs) including PROFINET, it is “IoT-ready” with support for OPC UA and MQTT, and it can also easily interface to all modern sensor buses. IO-Link capability has been enhanced as well

Coval Introduces Mini Vacuum Pumps with PROFINET

LEMCOM is the first vacuum pump which seamlessly integrates with the field network without the use of gateways or other specific interfaces. The LEMCOM “master” modules enable the continuity of a fieldbus through their two integrated communication ports. Tested and certified by PI for PROFINET communication, LEMCOM is connected very easily to the PLC via GSDML file.

Based on a “master/secondary” structure where the “master” is a fully-integrated pump, the LEMCOM design enables the supply and control of 1 to 16 vacuum pumps while requiring only 2 connecting cables.

Vivace Introduces Pressure Transmitter with PROFIBUS PA

The VPT11 is a pressure transmitter with a high performance Piezoresistive Silicon Sensor, designed for absolute and gauge pressure measurements, as well as models for flange level, remote seal and sanitary applications. The VPT11 is available with the PROFIBUS PA communication protocol, being a robust and highly reliable solution for pressure and level measurements, ensuring efficient and reliable results in your processes with high availability.

Real-Time Test Bench Automation with PROFINET IRT

The QuantumX CX27C gateway module from HBM, the latest addition to the QuantumX modular data acquisition system, offers test engineers maximum flexibility in testing their applications and simultaneous integration of up to 199 sensors with PROFINET IRT in real time. QuantumX CX27C is the ideal choice for quick results even in highly automated test benches with small to high channel counts, such as component, powertrain or durability test benches.

In combination with HBM’s catman PC software, sensor and signal data can be viewed, analyzed and recorded with sample rates up to 100 kS / s per channel, without affecting real-time automation tasks. The gateway modules perfectly play with the QuantumX and the ultra-rugged SomatXR family, even in a distributable way.

Safety for PROFIBUS PA from MESCO

MESCO develops electrical explosion proof (Ex-d) operating equipment, associated equipment or intrinsically safe fieldbus equipment in conformance with the FISCO Model.

For development in explosion endangered areas MESCO uses the pioneering fieldbus technology PROFIBUS PA. The advantages of this technology are clear to see:  fast and reliable data transfer (also in Ex environments), ideal bus topology, support provided by diagnostics and maintenance, extensive monitoring and management functions. The development of a fieldbus interface to the implementation of a PROFIBUS PA-fieldbus device is complex and requires expert knowledge from the start.

Fieldbus Analysis Within Seconds – PROFIBUS Tester PB-QONE

The PB-QONE from Indu-Sol is a tool for the complete evaluation of PROFIBUS communication quality. The hardware is connected to the PROFIBUS system by a supplied adapter.

All bus devices are presented in form of a tree diagram, including address, module name and device symbol. The color highlighting (green, yellow, red) provides a quick condition evaluation of each device. The PROFIBUS tester is able to ascertain the amount of the voltage difference as well as the shapes of the signals during PROFIBUS telegram transmissions. The results are visualized in form of a bar diagram, showing a quality value for each analyzed bus device.