Industrial Safety After the Hype

It is interesting how Hype Topics evolve, and how some of them then vanish shortly afterward. Looking towards functional safety, it turns out that this is not to be considered a hype topic as such, but as a key ingredient for successful automation solutions.

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Regional News – August 2018

This month's Regional News comes from the United States where a new PROFI-related job opportunity is opening up, and from Germany where an IO-Link Wireless Workshop took place at the end of June.

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Upcoming Training and Events – August 2018

Upcoming events include the Automatik-2018 trade-show in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sep 11-13; an IO-Link Workshop in Graz, Austria on Sep 26; three technology workshops in Germany in October; and the PROFIBUS Group is hosting a seminal event on Oct 24 in Coventry, UK.

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PROFIsafe Profile: Industrial Safety [Tech Tip]

The PROFIsafe profile details are incorporated into the PROFIsafe driver firmware in both an F-Controller and an F-device. The PROFIsafe driver ensures the integrity of the safety portion of the communication. But, what are the network challenges? And how does PROFIsafe resolve them?

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New Products – August 2018

Lots of new products to announce this month from: ABB, Arrow Electronics, Coval, HBM, Hilscher, Indu-Sol, MESCO, and Vivace. Learn about all the new devices available for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and IO-Link.

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PROFINET and IO-Link Plugfests

Last June, more than 150 developers met at three different PI events focusing on PROFINET device development. Particularly, the PROFINET Plugfest was the ideal platform for knowledge and information exchange between developers. Also, an IO-Link Plugfest is scheduled for October 16-17 in Esslingen, Germany. Register Here...

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Conventional vs Combined Safety

The conventional safety PLC concept meant that normal PLCs and standard I/O could not be mixed with safety PLCs and safety components in the same network. But what about the combined safety principle?

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