New Products: December 2018

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CoreTigo Launches Development Kit for IO-Link Wireless

CoreTigo has made available development kits for IO-Link Wireless with the selected machine and discrete manufacture companies who are committed to the vision of wirelessly controlled and monitored manufacturing.

The kit allows engineers to evaluate the new wireless technology, which extends the known and accepted IO-Link standard protocol into wireless. The kit combines plug-and-play hardware with an easy to use viewer that offers IO-Link Wireless functionality.  Each evaluation kit includes an IO-Link Wireless master, two wireless devices that can be plug-in to any digital or analog sensors/actuator.

PxC: Safety Control for PLCnext Technology

With the PLCnext Control RFC 4072S, Phoenix Contact provides the first high-performance controller for the PLCnext Technology ecosystem. With it, all the advantages of the control platform can be used: code generation in the preferred programming language and environment as well as the use of open-source software, apps, Proficloud, and soon also the PLCnext Store with real-time execution.

The RFC 4072S is therefore suitable for applications with the high safety requirements according to SIL 3 or PLe. For use in PROFINET and PROFIsafe systems, the safety-oriented controller uses the current PROFIsafe Profile 2.61. In the Profisafe network, it functions as an F host and can commission up to 300 subordinate F devices. Standard and safety programming is combined with PLCnext Engineer software in a single engineering tool.

PROCENTEC: ProfiHub Diagnostic Slaves

What started with a request from a colleague from the Support Department, resulted in the development and testing of the Diagnostics slave functionality of PROCENTEC’s ProfiHubs. With this brand-new functionality, PROCENTEC delivers diagnostics of networks with a mixed architecture of different protocols, down to the last device. Dave van Cappelle of PROCENTEC’s Research & Development (R&D) team explains: “With this new functionality we can track down and pinpoint occurring errors and events in an industrial network very precisely, which helps in preventing downtime. Also, the data collection from the ComBricks and ProfiHubs can be done quick and easy by using our mobile diagnostics tablet PROCENTEC Mercury.”

Turck’s New Products

UHF Reader Platform for Industry 4.0

This is Turck’s first device in its Q300 UHF reader family with an Ethernet interface. RFID users particularly benefit from the range of platforms and interfaces of the Q300 readers. Up to four external antennas can be connected directly on the reader, thus considerably simplifying the creation of high performance gate applications in multiplex operation.

Codesys 3 HMI/PLC for Retrofit and Industry 4.0

At the SPS IPC Drives fair, Turck presented some powerful devices with Codesys 3 programming as additions to its TX HMI/PLC series. Compared to the established TX500 models, two central modifications have been added: The TX700 devices operate with multicore processors at an operating frequency of 800 MHz and use a modern Linux platform. This makes it possible to implement more complex control tasks and visualizations.

Major Expansion of Ultrasonic Sensors Portfolio

Turck is expanding its RU ultrasonic sensor family with ten miniature ultrasonic sensors in M8 and M12 designs. In line with the RU series, the new M12 sensors are provided with an analog output and also a switching output with a switch range that always adjusts to the set measuring range limits of the analog output. Thanks to their compact IP67 design and narrow sonic cone, both sensor variants are ideal for use in small applications with restricted mounting conditions.

Hubs and RFID Readers with IO-Link

Turck is expanding its extensive IO-Link portfolio with new Class A and Class B I/O hubs with protection to IP67 and HF RFID read/write heads with threaded barrels designs. Thanks to SIDI, the Simple IO-Link Device Integration, the new IO-Link devices can be configured directly from the Profinet engineering system without the need for additional tools.


Click on a headline to learn more about a given new product