New Products – April 2019 Part 1

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Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer with PROFINET technology

Videojet Technologies has released a new PROFINET Workflow Module for the Videojet 1860 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer. Now with a new PROFINET Workflow Module, the enhanced Videojet 1860 CIJ printer can help to minimize the frequency of unplanned downtime by gaining an overview of machine status in a short period of time, offering real-time performance and communication exchange for automated applications. The new workflow module provides the capability for high-speed message exchange between the Videojet 1860 CIJ printer and a PLC, offering ease of installation for manufacturers with industrial protocol experience.

New Robotic PROFINET Cable

HELUKABEL, recently announced that it has added a new PROFINET cable to its broad portfolio of Industrial Ethernet cables: HELUKAT PROFINET Type R Torsion. PROFINET standards have traditionally be divided into three classifications – Type A, B and C. However, a new type has recently been added, Type R, which is designated for robotic applications. As technology has changed to more automated equipment in industrial applications, customers are shifting from using systems that use PROFIBUS protocol to ones that use PROFINET due to the increased data transmission rates required to maintain operational efficiency in real-time.

High-Performance Switches for PROFINET

LAPP has recently added active components such as switches for industrial data communications to its portfolio of products. The company has released new models in its ETHERLINE ACCESS series, including ones designed for PROFINET networks. The new switches have 4, 8 or 16 ports, which can be identified through their abbreviated names: PNF04T, PNF08T, and PNF16T. They also meet PROFINET Conformance Class B requirements.

IO-Link Masters for Smart Device Integration

Balluff is adding a new IO-Link master to its line-up, designed to help integration of smart IO-Link devices into a system: the BNI00AZ with PROFINET connectivity. These IO-Link masters offer 4x Type A (Class A) IO-Link ports and 4x Type B (Class B) IO-Link ports, each with up to 2A of output per channel, to meet a wider range of requirements. Type A ports allow for greater flexibility, where you can use pin 2 for an actuator/output and pin 4 for an IO-Link, input/output. The Type A ports are powered with device power. They can also be used to connect to configurable expandable I/O hubs like the BNI007Z.

PROFINET Firmware for Motion Controller

Delta Computer Systems, Inc. announces that updated firmware and related RMCTools software is available for Delta’s newest and most capable controller, the RMC200. The RMC200, which controls up to 32 axes, joins the RMC150 (up to 8 axes) and RMC75 (1-2 axes) as certified products that comply with ongoing enhancements to the PROFINET specification.  The latest conformance tested RMC product versions of PROFINET are available on Delta’s website, for firmware and related RMC software.

New Vision Sensor with PROFINET for Varied Applications

Teledyne DALSA announced today its new, low-cost BOA Spot XL vision sensors for industrial automation and inspection. This new vision sensor targets error proofing, identification, and robotic guidance applications. Inspections using BOA Spot XL vision sensors can be triggered by parts in motion or from a PLC after being moved into a stationary position. Compatible protocols, such as PROFINET, provide standard languages for communicating with 3rd party equipment or the factory enterprise.

New PROFINET Cable Tester

The NaviTEK IE is a tester for commissioning, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of PROFINET Industrial Ethernet networks. Designed to simplify the process, the NaviTEK IE identifies network nodes and configuration without requiring a PC and specialty software. An easy to understand system health check pinpoints potential issues before they become network failures. Automatically discover cable, network or device configuration/faults with the touch of a button.

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