New Products – April 2019 Part 2

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Interference-Free Transmission with Ethernet Media Converter

The new FL MC EF 660 SCRJ media converter from Phoenix Contact enables the connection of cost-effective polymer and HCS/PCF fiber technology. Specifically designed for Profinet, the SC-RJ connector enables easy assembly without specialist knowledge. The devices, which are transparent with respect to transmission, have a short delay time (latency) of 60 ns. This is particularly advantageous for time-critical Ethernet protocols.

Realize the Full Potential of IIoT

HMS Networks presents Anybus Edge, an innovative end-to-end solution for IIoT. Powered by the new HMS Hub™, the solution brings true edge intelligence and versatile cloud connectivity to industrial equipment. No matter the application, the solution closes the gap between the factory floor and the cloud, enabling industrial companies to realize the Industrial Internet of Things in an easy and secure way. The first release of Anybus Edge offers gateway connectivity to industrial equipment on PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.

Safe Speed Monitoring with PROFIsafe

In many applications, rotational speed involved in a safety function has to be monitored. This monitoring has to comply with the functional safety standards. Safe rotary encoders are frequently over-dimensioned for this purpose. TWK has now launched a compact, safe rotational speed/speed sensor based on a single-turn rotary encoder. This supplies a safe, signed 16-bit speed signal as well as a safe position with a maximum of 16,384 steps/revolution (14-bit).

Sometimes Millimeters are the Deciding Factor

The new M12 Mini from PROVERTHA is a very compact M12 cable connector for space-saving fieldbus connection. The M12 cable gland has a length of only 44 mm with an outer diameter of 16/14 mm. The new M12 cable connector is available in the A-5, A-8, B and D codes. The M12 Mini can be used in the temperature range from -40°C to +85°C and allows more than 250 mating cycles.

I/O Solutions with PROFINET S2 System Redundancy

Turck has announced its TBEN-L5-8IOL is the first fieldbus module with Profinet S2 system redundancy. The IO-Link master with IP67 protection is the only device of its kind at present to support the PROFINET redundancy concept relevant for process automation. Through the upgrade, the block I/O module is able to establish via a single connection communication relations to two controllers – the primary controller and its backup.

SIDI Integrates IO-Link Devices in PROFINET

Turck’s Simple IO-Link Device Integration (SIDI) simplifies the handling of IO-Link devices in Profinet engineering systems. As the devices are already integrated in the GSDML file of the IO-Link master, users can select the devices from the device library and integrate them in their projects via drop-down fields as if the devices are submodules on a modular I/O system.

Integrated direct drives with IO-Link

PSD direct drives from halstrup-walcher not only incorporate a stepper motor but all the relevant sub-systems for automatic format changeovers. Whenever a new format is required, they automatically move guide rails, tools, or even inspection cameras to the correct position in the machine. The PSD direct drives are controlled via an IO-Link interface and thus offer further advantages.

Products and Solutions for Digital Data Exchange

Softing’s “smartLink PN” was on display at the PI booth at Hannover Messe 2019. smartLink PN provides access to asset management and diagnostics data from PROFINET devices via OPC UA. Visitors to the fair were able to see a prototype with the release scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2019.

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