Brazil Takes Its Show on the Road

TranspetroArcelorMittal Tubarão Welcome ‘Workshop Onsite PROFIBUS and PROFINET’

In March, PI Brazil started a new journey through the state of Espírito Santo, with the ‘Workshop Onsite PROFIBUS and PROFINET’. Each event began with an institutional presentation of PI Brazil, by manager Silas Anchieta. Leandro da Cunha e Sousa, from WESTCON, talked about Network Analysis with PROFIBUS and best-practices for installing PROFIBUS DP/PA networks. Finally, Vinicius de Souza Lima Oliveira, from Siemens, talked about Asset Management with PROFINET and analysis of PROFINET networks. This workshops also featured practical demonstrations and answered questions with training kits.

The first stop was in a company of fuel transport and logistics, Transpetro – Terminal Aquaviário de Barra do Riacho, in Aracruz. Thirteen professionals, including engineers, technicians, supervisors, and electric maintenance leaders, of instrumentation, automation, and maintenance took part in the event:

Up next, ArcelorMittal Tubarão, an integrated flat steel production unit located in Serra, hosted the event that brought together nine engineers from Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

INATEL-SP Hosts PROFIBUS Certified Network Engineer and Installer Training

In April, the National Institute of Telecommunications (INATEL) – São Paulo campus promoted its seventh edition of the PROFIBUS Certified Network Engineer and Installer Training.

The 40-hour training was applied by engineer João Pedro Paiva, who covered industrial networks, addressing the physical installation of PROFIBUS DP and PA, focusing on cabling, grounding, connection, cable testing, distance requirements, and layout and technology parameters; and network configuration requirements aimed at GSD files, slaves, configuration and assembly of a network, device testing, and protocol analysis.

Follow the training schedule on the website:

Board Builds IO-Link Training Kits

IO-Link is the first I/O technology for communication with sensors and actuators to be adopted as an international standard (IEC 61131-9). Aiming to promote the technology, PI Brasil, in partnership with associated companies, assembled training kits as tools for practical demonstration, to be used in its courses and events throughout the national territory.

According to Bruno Castellani, protocol director for the Association, the kits encompass several different types of products, such as sensors, position transducers, encoders, process transmitters, network modules, intelligent light columns, among others. All are based on IO-Link technology and are connected to a PLC on the same PROFINET network platform. “In this way, we demonstrate the integration of various devices from different manufacturers, emphasizing the benefit of technology,” he adds.

According to him, the kits aim to show how much technology simplifies the lives of its users, such as operation and access to product diagnostics, ease of installation, integration with several manufacturers, interaction with the cloud and accessibility of data. “The proposal is to innovate the way technology is demonstrated, based on the pillars of Industry 4.0. The material can simulate an industrial process, its stages, instantly, with the products connected via IO-Link, showing the online data being used for the scanning of the procedure in a synoptic screen.”

Castellani also explains that the kits will be used for various technology events, linked to the theme of Industry 4.0 and IIoT,  at technical schools, colleges, and universities that have an industrial automation curriculum.

“The IO-Link Board will also continue to host workshops in companies, as the need for process improvement and cost reduction is strongly aligned with the standard message, which creates an opportunity to reinforce its benefits. In addition, the kits will be introduced in our webinars, facilitating the understanding of the viewer,” he concludes.