Think Globally. Act Locally.

Since the inception of PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI), one of the guiding principles has been to 'think globally, act locally'. What this means is, on the one hand, our technologies are centrally developed and standardized worldwide. On the other hand, a vibrant decentralized community exists to offer immediate support.

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TSN: The Course is Set

There are many questions regarding TSN technology: What’s the guaranteed transfer time, latency and performance? Can I continue using existing technologies? When will the new technology be ready? PI provides concrete answers HERE.

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Building on the Architecture of the Future

Open solutions have always been the trademark of PI technologies. The PI Organization follows this credo both in the integration of TSN into PROFINET and the presentation of PROFINET data in the OPC UA object model. The result is a user-friendly solution which can be used for future architectures as well as brownfield systems.

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APL: Ethernet Down to The Field Level in Process Industries

The goal of APL is to bring Ethernet down to field level instruments in hazardous areas. Nowadays, existing field devices typically rely on limited fieldbus network infrastructures. The development of a two-wire-based advanced physical layer (APL) for Ethernet is running at full steam.

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PROFIBUS at Minus 50 Degrees [Tech Tip]

A PROFIBUS installation in a very cold location was experiencing some challenges. The network was constantly failing, costing serious amounts of time, resources and money. The cause and solution to the problem may surprise you! Read this Tech Tip to learn more...

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Brazil Takes Its Show on the Road

PI Brazil has made stops in its onsite workshop roadshow at Transpetro and ArcelorMittal in March. The events cover the full range of PI's technologies with practical demonstrations. Also highlighted in Brazil are specific trainings for PROFIBUS and IO-Link news.

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New Products – June 2019

This month Phoenix Contact and Turck feature new products. Learn about Phoenix Contact's modular proxy for direct connection to PROFINET and Turck's IMX12 series now available for non-intrinsically safe signals.

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IO-Link News – June 2019

An IO-Link Inter-Operability Workshop focusing on the BLOB and firmware update profiles will be held on July 8 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Please register by June 28. Other upcoming events include a Members Assembly and User Workshops.

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