IO-Link News – July 2019

IO-Link Members Assembly

This year’s IO-Link Members Meeting took place in Frankfurt, Germany on June 26th. Over 60 participants used this opportunity to update themselves on the latest developments and marketing activities of IO-Link. There were presentations on the new topics: IO-Link Wireless, IO-Link Safety, and IO-Link Profiles.

Presenters explained “what is new” with the specification V1.1.3. and how a standard master interface and the PROFINET integration work.

Vertical integration is also an important aspect of IO-Link. A lecture was dedicated specifically to the topic of cloud connectivity. Further lectures also covered connection to OPC UA and JSON. These technologies are crucial for Industry 4.0 applications.

User reports are always a highlight for the participants. This year, the companies Schunk and GIB supported the general meeting with user-oriented lectures.

For the first time, all lectures were recorded and will be posted on YouTube in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you are interested in the presentations, we will gladly provide the slides to you on request (email Barbara Weber:

IO-Link Interop Workshop – Germany

Do you have new IO-Link products and would like to test them in advance? Then the IO-Link Interop Workshop on October 1st – 2nd,  2019 at the H-Hotel in Bad Soden offers you a good opportunity. Bad Soden is located close to the international airport in Frankfurt, Germany.

The workshop is an open platform to test your devices or tools in conjunction with other available products. In addition to the workshop, three expert groups will be formed on specific topics, such as “test systems”, “profiles and system integration” or “data storage”.

The registration fee for participation is 180€ (plus VAT). For organizational reasons, we ask you to please register by Tuesday, September 3rd.

Register Here