New Products – December 2019

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Integrated Servo Cuts Costs & Save Space

Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) releases the SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor, expanding their line of motion controllers beyond stepper technology. AMCI’s SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor includes an integrated dual port switch with PROFINET connectivity.

Continuous Flexing Profinet Cable

Automation Direct – DataMax Extreme Industrial PROFINET cables are a two-pair shielded construction with 22AWG twisted pair conductors and 7/30 stranded tinned copper with color coded high-density polyethylene insulation. Shielded constructions include both a tinned copper braid shield and aluminized polyester foil overall shield.

Rapid Light-Curing Interface Module

Dymax Corporation – Designed for machine automation builders, the BlueWave MX-MIM easily incorporates into automated light-curing systems. The device passed PROFINET certification testing and utilizes both PROFINET to greatly reduce I/O channels and free up analog control cards compared to traditional analog- and digital-relay-logic PLC control systems.

New Type of Contour Measurement

With the CMS 700i, Leuze electronic is brining a new 3D contour measurement system to market. The CMS 700i meters the contour and position of passing objects regardless of their shape and surface structure. The PROFINET interface ensures speedy integration of the 3D contour measurement system.

Compact Flow Sensor with IO-Link

Turck has added the FS+ sensor for flow and temperature monitoring to its fluid portfolio. For rapid commissioning, the FS+ makes it possible to detect PNP/NPN signals automatically. Users can also set a switch point in just a few seconds using the Quick Teach function.

Measuring Sensors with IO-Link

Turck – Inductive measurement sensors with IO-Link and a voltage output complete the range of Turck’s sensor portfolio. The devices can firstly be used as a measurement sensor with an adjustable 0…10 V or 2…10 V output and a freely configurable switching output. When used as an IO-Link product, additional diagnostic options are provided with 2 bytes of process data.

Ethernet Gateway for Remote I/O

Turck‘s new GEN-N Ethernet multi-protocol gateway makes its excom remote I/O system fit for Industrial Ethernet networks. The gateway makes it possible to integrate the excom system in higher-level Ethernet networks with the PROFINET protocol. The integrated switch enables a ring topology to be implemented in accordance with MRP.

Ready for Modern Mechanical Engineering

As a gateway to WAGO’s universal 750 Series I/O System, the new I/O System Advanced combines the proven benefits and functionality of the 750 Series with a fresh and ergonomic design. The results: short reaction times, high signal transmission synchronicity, and the ability to use fast Ethernet-based fieldbuses like PROFINET.

Power Supply Unit with IO-Link Communication Module

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply, with units ranging from 120–960 W, sets new industry communication and parameterization benchmarks. It can connect to both a PLC and IoT gateway via a snap-on type communication module. Currently available with IO-Link, Ethernet-based protocols such as PROFINET will be available in the near future.