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There are over 3,000 unique PROFIBUS and PROFINET products in the market. Faced with such a vast product family, system integrators, machine builders, and end-users might have difficulties selecting products. Meanwhile, device manufacturers would like an opportunity to participate in the PROFIBUS and PROFINET International community and promote their products.

In order to solve the problems above, PI-China will publish a PROFIBUS & PROFINET Products Catalog. At the moment, PI-China is collecting PROFIBUS and PROFINET product information from the majority of its device manufacturers. If you would like to make a product submission, scan a QR code below and fill out the registration forms, or contact PI-China directly. The deadline for submissions is March 1st.

By referring to the product catalog, users will have convenient access to PROFIBUS and PROFINET information including vendor name, model name, product information and features, application scenario, contact details, etc. Besides the printed publication, a free electronic version will be available for download at and In addition, the product catalog will be continuously updated. Products included in the product catalog will have a chance to be featured on international expositions and forums in the PROFIBUS and PROFINET product wall.

Product Submissions


Registry Form for PROFINET Products


Registry Form for PROFIBUS Products

Person of contact: Wang Jing
Mobile Phone: +86 13581773090