Change is the Essence of Progress

It doesn't matter if OPC UA, MQTT, OPC Companion Specifications or NOA shaped PA-DIM data models come around the corner; they all only make sense when there is digital data coming from field devices, sensors, signals, converters, proxies etc. And what are they all connected to? A PROFINET network.

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Reliable Remote Monitoring Keeps Well Sites Productive

Mostly brownfield operations, upstream oil, and gas production sites require materials, equipment, and delivery systems to work together to produce high rates of utilization. Roughneck Equipment, which provides chemical delivery equipment to oil and gas fracturing operations, uses PROFINET to make it easier to keep utilization rates high.

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A New Book on PROFINET

“PROFINET in Practice – Installation, Maintenance, Design and Systems Engineering” by Dr. Xiu Ji, updated in November 2019. This book is based on the success of the series, PROFIBUS in Practice, answering the need for guidelines and instruction on engineering best practices.

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Product Catalog – PI China

There are over 3,000 unique PROFIBUS and PROFINET products on the market. PI-China will publish a PROFIBUS & PROFINET Products Catalog to help end-users find them. At the moment, PI-China is collecting PROFIBUS and PROFINET product information from the majority of its device manufacturers.

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