New Products – June 2020

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New IIoT Secure Products

HMS Networks is announcing the availability of Anybus CompactCom IIoT Secure products for PROFINET, including a new complete security platform for IIoT communication over OPC UA and MQTT. The solution features new powerful security hardware, secure boot, certificate management, encryption, as well as secure OPC UA and MQTT communication. The release focuses on CompactCom for PROFINET with OPC UA and MQTT connectivity.

Developer Kit for Servo Drives

A new developer kit from Festo enables system designers and machine builders to familiarize themselves with the functions and application possibilities of the company’s CMMT servo drives. The CMMT-ST servo drive controller makes connectivity simple. Users simply select the PROFINET protocol when integrating the CMMT servo drive seamlessly into the system environment of their chosen PLC.

Industrial Network Cable Troubleshooting and Certification

Users report that over 50% of network problems are related to cabling. Either damaged during installation, compromised in harsh environments, or susceptible to EMI. Problems are often intermittent and difficult to solve. To support control engineers and plant technicians, Fluke Networks offers a new Copper Cable Tester. Cables can be tested and compared to PROFINET performance requirements. Support for RJ45, M12X, and M12D is included. Detailed test results are recorded and can be used for documentation. Fiber optic testing is also an option.

Gentle and Effective Ultrasonic Cleaning

Weber Ultrasonics has developed the intelligent SonoPower 3S megasound system with frequencies from 500 to 1,000 kHz. The optional PROFINET interface integrated in the generator not only enables remote operation, whereby the ultrasound-specific process parameters are precisely controlled and documented during cleaning; the SonoPower 3S Megasonic Boost is also Industry 4.0-compatible.