New Products – July 2020

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There are many new products to announce. Click on a headline or picture below to learn more.

Simplifying and Streamlining Retrofit and IIoT Deployments

CoreTigo, a provider of industrial wireless mission critical connectivity solutions, is announcing the commercial availability of its latest version of the TigoBridge. The TigoBridge is an IO-Link Wireless component that enables the communication of industrial sensors, actuators and devices without the need for a wired cable connection to a Master or gateway.

Industrial 9MP Image-Based Code Reader

Datalogic introduces the new AV900 industrial 9MP image-based code reader for applications in transportation, logistics, distribution and airports. The AV900 extends the Datalogic AV family with a new product that delivers more resolution and power allowing one device to do the work of multiple devices. It can be interfaced to major industrial networks such as PROFINET.

Strain Gauge-Based load Cells Go Digital

HBM has launched a new load cell conditioner – DSE-HIE, which allows any strain gauge-based load cell to operate in a modern, industrial Ethernet system. Maximum output for retrofitting and new systems is guaranteed with 10,000e (0.01%FS) and 2,000 measured values per second. The output of the new weighing electronics is in line with common industrial Ethernet protocols -mainly PROFINET RT/IRT.

Module Successfully Passes PROFINET v2.35 Certification

The PNO has certified the latest version of Hilscher‘s netX 90 PROFINET Stack according to PROFINET specification version 2.35. It has been certified on the netRAPID 90 embedded module for reaching Conformance Class C, Netload Class III, and the optional features Legacy, FSU, and MRP.

Diagnostics Functionality Added to PROFIBUS Hubs

What started with a request from a colleague from the Support Department, resulted in the development and testing of the Diagnostics Slave Functionality of Procentec’s ProfiHubs. With this new functionality, and by combining the strengths of ComBricks and ProfiHubs, it is now possible to look through the ProfiHubs’ channels using the ComBricks web browser all the way through the entire network, down to the last device.

Remote I/O for Modern Process Automation

IS1+, the remote I/O system for hazardous areas Zone 2 from R. STAHL, is now PROFINET-certified. Thanks to the support of both MRP rings and S2 system redundancy, IS1+ is suitable for use in applications that place high demands on availability. With the Dynamic Reconfiguration, changes to the configuration, such as adding or replacing I/O modules, can be made online without interrupting communication.

Bearing-Free IO-Link Rotary Encoder for Ex Areas

Turck is now also offering a variant of the contact-less QR24 encoder for use in explosion protected areas Zones 2, 22 and 3GD. Contactless measurement considerably outperforms bearing guided optical encoders in dust-laden environments since optical encoders are susceptible to dust. It outputs its signal via the IO-Link interface, thus offering simpler parameter setting such as for the output signal or zero point.

Ethernet Safety I/O Modules in IP67

Turck is expanding its portfolio of safety I/O components with the TBPN block I/O modules for Profisafe. The robust IP67 modules provide safety input and output signals directly from the field to the safety controller. The modules can be used for applications up to PL e, category 4, in safety circuits up to SILCL 3.