omlox: a Fruitful Beginning

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The machine tool manufacturer TRUMPF has won this year’s HERMES AWARD ‒ one of the most coveted prizes in international industry ‒ for its open location standard product omlox. The award ceremony took place on 14 July at the HANNOVER MESSE Digital Days.

A jury under chair Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, president of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, honored the product “omlox – open location standard” as a global and location-technology independent solution. More than 60 industrial companies participated in the omlox project, which provides the first open standard for location services. Omlox unites all location services available on the market ‒ including UWB, WLAN, BLE, GPS, and 5G ‒ and transfers these into a uniform coordinate reference system, making them available for internal use on edge platforms or for global use in a cloud. Omlox is an interoperable ecosystem that harmonizes heterogeneous technical infrastructures, making IIoT and Industrie 4.0 affordable for SMEs.

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omlox Digital Tradeshow

The omlox-live virtual tradeshow kicked off with a live-streaming event on Monday morning June 29. In an official ceremony, omlox founding member TRUMPF (represented by Dr. Prokop, CEO for Machine Tools at TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH und Ko. KG), handed over the omlox Specification 1.0 to Karsten Schneider, Chairman, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI).

Through interviews, panel discussions, and live demonstrations from the omlox testbed in Teningen, participants could get a comprehensive overview of omlox, including its purpose, vision, and the current state of development.

At the live demonstrations, partners showcased their omlox-ready locating hardware, as well as specialized software applications that utilize location data provided by omlox.

Throughout the virtual tradeshow, the omlox virtual booth became a key touchpoint for participants to engage with the omlox community through live chats, online sessions, or by browsing the partner content available at the different info points.

The omlox community – driven by its partners and sponsors – assembled an interesting and versatile agenda of online sessions, ranging from seminars to present use-cases to deep dives for individual solutions and technologies.

Based on the great feedback from visitors and participants, the omlox community decided to keep the virtual tradeshow open until the end of the year. All major content and recordings of sessions are available online.

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