New Products – August 2020 [1/2]

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PROFINET – BACnet IP & MS/TP Server Gateway

The Intesis BACnet-PROFINET gateway from HMS Networks allows you to seamlessly interconnect PLC/BMS systems and their connected devices between BACnet IP&MSTP Control systems and PROFINET networks. This gateway works as a BACnet slave/server on the BACnet side and as a PROFINET device on the PROFINET side. The configuration is carried out using the Intesis MAPS PC-based software allowing system integrators to define the required settings for the device using predefined templates and diagnostic tools.

Embedded Modules for IO-Link Wireless

In addition to evaluation kits for IO-Link Wireless master and device development, KUNBUS now also offers two embedded modules for designing and building IO-Link Wireless masters and devices, such as sensors, actuators, or I/O hubs. The embedded modules help to shorten the development cycle significantly and avoid the time-consuming development and production of RF hardware.

Cabinet-Mounted Variable Frequency Drives with PROFINET

The NORDAC PRO SK 500P variable frequency drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are equipped with an integrated PROFINET interface, multi-encoder interface for multiple axis operation, and USB interface for voltage-free parameterization. The VFDs cover rated motor powers from 0.33 to 7.5 HP.

Universal Solution for the Creation of IO-Link Function Blocks

Anyone who wants to integrate IO-Link devices into controls and access device parameters or collect diagnostic information in the process has to program many acyclic requests and deal with many different devices, parameters, and complex data types. The Function Block Factory (FBF) from SICK, an open software-based service, automatically creates function blocks which considerably reduces the time and effort needed for implementation – and not only when accessing the device parameters, but also the individual elements of process data of the IO-Link devices. The FBF is open for ten different controllers and for IO-Link devices from all manufacturers.

Optimized Integration of PROFIBUS

Siemens is expanding its portfolio for industrial communication networks with the IE/PB Link HA gateway. Highly redundant infrastructures can be implemented based on PROFINET. Through the use of the IE/PB Link HA as a PROFINET S2 device including Configuration in Run (CiR), PROFIBUS DP slaves can be connected to a controller – both via an MRP ring and via redundant PROFINET infrastructures (R1).

Pressure Transmitters with IO-Link

Turck is expanding its PT1000/2000 pressure sensor range with device variants featuring IO-Link and two programmable switching outputs. These switching outputs can be set for either PNP or NPN operation. IO-Link enables users to monitor electrical short circuits, over-pressures and under-pressures, as well as values exceeding the maximum operating temperature. Their measuring range is 0…1000 bar with a measuring accuracy of ±0.3 % FS BSL.


Turck presents the TBEN-L PLC as the world’s first IP67 controller for industrial applications, which not only offers an onboard CODESYS PLC but also enables a cloud connection thereby handling the tasks of an edge gateway at the same time. The dual MAC mode enables a connection to the automation network via one port and separate connection to the cloud via the second port. Alternatively, if a connection to the cloud is not required, different communication configurations are possible, for example one as a PROFINET device and one as a PROFINET controller.

New I/O System Field with PROFINET and IO-Link

WAGO introduces their new IP67 rated I/O System Field with two types of housings: cast zinc housings with encapsulated electronics; and non-encapsulated plastic housings. The cast zinc housing devices have input and output power ports for use with daisy chained modules and are PROFINET-based. These blocks are also designed for the TSN standard, and support OPC UA and MQTT communications. The non-encapsulated plastic blocks are IO-Link hubs for versatile connection to an IO-Link master.

Image Processing Software Receives PROFINET Interface

The uniVision software for two and three-dimensional image processing from wenglor sensoric has been given an update. The latest release 2.2 enables smart cameras and control units to be integrated into controls via a PROFINET interface. New software modules and new functions for the visualization of results also make this update particularly valuable for users. Thanks to the integrated PROFINET interface, the results of image and profile evaluations can now be transferred in real time.