New Products – August 2020 [2/2]

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IO-Link sensors with Dual Channel

IO-Link sensors with ‘Dual Channel’ from Baumer open the way to new control concepts without having to revise proven automation structures. The sensor operation provides maximum flexibility utilizing two channels simultaneously. IO-Link sensors transfer signals via pin 4 that can be used either for switching or bidirectional IO-Link communication. A Dual Channel sensor goes even further and transmits additional signals parallel to the IO-Link channel. Its pin 2 is assigned with a sensor-specific signal like switching or in-/output.

Series PRE Proportional Pressure Regulator

From Camozzi: the Series PRE pressure regulator is available in two sizes and in different configurations, including IO-Link connectivity. As well as the standard options with and without display, there is a version with an integral exhaust valve, which enables the system to exhaust even without a power supply. With CoilVision technology, it has been designed to constantly monitor the operation of the solenoids in the regulator to assess their health status and to prevent any possible malfunction.

Photoelectric / Capacitive Sensors & Masters with IO-Link; Relays with PROFINET

Carlo Gavazzi Automation presents four new series of capacitive sensors with integrated IO-Link communication: the CA18EA..IO, CA18FA..IO, CA30EA..IO and the CA30FA..IO. The new sensor families are realized in AISI316L sturdy stainless steel housings or PTFE housings for high chemical resistance.

They also announce their new series of IO-Link photoelectric laser sensors, the LD30. These new laser sensors’ main feature is background suppression based on the Time of Flight (ToF) sensing principle, with a sensing range of up to 1,000 mm for both black and white objects. The IO-Link connection enables, among other attributes, the read-out of the actual sensing distance.

To complement these products, a new Y series IO-Link master is also announced. The new Y series is available in two mechanical versions: the YL212, (for use in harsh environmental conditions) which integrates the future-proof L-coded M12 power connector; and the YN115 DIN rail version, (for control cabinet installation) which includes pluggable/removable push-in and screw terminal connectors. Both fully support PROFINET plus integrate the OPC UA protocol.

Finally, Carlo Gavazzi presents a new variant of the NRG digital solid state relay with a PROFINET interface. Switching, real-time monitoring, and data exchange with the machine controller is now possible through the PROFINET interface added to the digital solid state relay.

Mobile IO-Link Handheld

With the new IOL Portable from di-soric, operating and service personnel can demonstrate, test, and configure IO-Link devices on site and put them into operation within a few minutes. This ready-to-go handheld combines a touchscreen, plug connector, WLAN interface and battery in one compact device. The IOL Portable is suited for devices up to a maximum of 80mA with IODD specification 1.1.

Additional Safety for Hygienic Processes with IO-Link Option

The Liquitrend QMW43 from Endress+Hauser offers signal information from two measured parameters. With the usage of IO-Link, this is possible without effort. Via IO-Link, both buildup measurement and conductivity measurement can be displayed in the PLC and plotted easily for evaluation. Due to the fact that -via IO-Link- the device is also easily set up, installation and commissioning of the Liquitrend QMW43 is fast.

New PROFINET Interfaces with S2 Redundancy

Festo has upgraded its PROFINET bus interfaces for their CPX automation platform. The new generation has four new key features based on the new PROFINET controllers and software, with the “S2 system redundancy” being the most important one. In addition to the S2 system redundancy, the interfaces provide three further equipment features: MRP and MRPD for uninterrupted ring redundancy, voltage monitoring, and NTP time synchronization.

Real-time Networks for the Smallest PC-based Devices

Hilscher has launched availability of their netX solution in the world’s smallest PC card package. The new M.2 format PCI Express card adds real-time communications to PC-based systems. The comprehensive package has all necessary hardware and software components, including protocol stacks, device drivers, and network connectors. The M.2 card can be simply installed in new and existing devices to connect with industrial automation networks on the fly.