New Products – January 2021

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Servo Drives Certified for PROFINET IRT

Communication is everything. This is the case whether in the sphere of human relations or in the interaction of individual components in production systems. With the open Ethernet standard PROFINET, Baumüller is building on a flexible, secure and continuous communication topology. Baumüller has certified its b maXX 5000 servo drives under the most current standard for PROFINET IRT. The b maXX 5000 family from Baumüller includes both stackable devices and mono units.

New IO-Link Wireless Evaluation and Development Kits

CoreTigo has launched a set of new IO-Link Wireless Evaluation and Development Kits. The TigoStarter Evaluation Kit is fit for users who want to build a quick IO-Link Wireless demonstration environment without coding or development. The TigoStarter Development Kit is fit for users who want to build an IO-Link Wireless Device and/or IO-Link Wireless Master reference.

Compressed Air Energy Saving Platform with PROFINET

Festo has expanded its intelligent pneumatic energy savings platform beyond the MSE6-E2M (E2M) with two new modules – the MSE6-C2M (C2M) and the MSE6-D2M (D2M). The C2M can be fully integrated into the machine network via PROFINET, as can the E2M. The modules in this platform automatically shut off the air supply to a machine when in standby mode, thus reducing energy consumption.

Electric Linear Actuator With IO-Link

To expand the benefits of IO-Link to linear movement, LINAK has launched an electric actuator with integrated IO-Link communication. With all necessary electronics inside the actuator, both the integration into an IO-Link network and replacement are effortlessly done.

New PROFINET Interface for Valve Manifolds

Parker Hannifin, as part of its global focus on factory automation, announced the release of a revolutionary network portal, the PCH Network Portal. As an Ethernet node with IO-Link master capability that supports multiple industrial Ethernet communication protocols, including PROFINET, the PCH Network Portal can communicate with many industrial controllers in the automation industry.

PROFINET Performance without Compromise

Red Lion is excited to introduce NT4008, a new 8-port Gigabit managed industrial Ethernet switch series. The NT4008 series switches are certified to meet PROFINET v2.34 Conformance Class B standards to ensure seamless integration into PROFINET networks using standard PLC configuration and management tools.

Fast IO-Link Encoders with COM3

Turck has expanded its encoder portfolio and is also now offering encoders with an IO-Link interface in the Efficiency and Industrial Lines. The new encoders support COM3, the latest and fastest IO-Link interface on the market with a transfer rate of 230.4 kbit/s, thus enabling a considerable improvement for control circuits. The encoders allow simple and uniform data processing with the help of the IO-Link smart sensor profile (SSP) which defines the data semantics of the IO-Link information model in detail and uniformly, irrespective of vendor.

Temperature Sensors with Plug & Play

Turck is expanding its  range of fluid sensors with IO-Link-capable sensors for process temperature measurement. Both compact devices with an integrated temperature probe (TS700) as well as processing and display units (TS720) for connecting resistance thermometers or thermocouples are available. Besides process values, the IO-Link interface provides the user with a large volume of condition monitoring data for smart IIoT applications.

Ultrasonic Level Sensors for Small to Medium-Sized Tanks

Turck is now also offering sensors for level measurement in the range up to 40 and 130 cm, which can be operated at pressures between 0.5 and 5 bar. Thanks to their additional IO-Link interface and intelligent decentralized signal preprocessing, all variants are also suitable as smart data suppliers for IIoT. The sensors can also be parameterized with the existing container geometry data via IO-Link, so that this can directly output distance, level or volume as absolute values or as a percentage.

IO-Link Radar Sensors for Level Measurement

The IO-Link-capable radar sensors of the recently developed LRS Series complete Turck‘s portfolio for level measurement in the 0.35 to 10 meter range. Thanks to their additional IO-Link interface, all variants provide a large quantity of additional information for processing in condition monitoring applications in IIoT: besides signal strength, this includes temperature values, operating hours or switching cycles.