Resource Recap: COVID-19 Edition

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Where can you find resources to learn when in-person training is not possible? It’s not a new question –even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a strong desire from individuals, for whatever reason, unable or unwilling to travel for hands-on PROFIBUS or PROFINET training.

What follows is a recap of resources you can use to educate yourself until travel becomes easier again.

Technology Specific Resources

The main Technology page on the PI website contains ten subsites:

Online Resources

The PI North America hosts a number of readable (White Papers, etc.) and watchable (Webinars) resources.

YouTube Channels

With video being one of the most effective forms of media, two YouTube channels are available for perusal.

Specifications and Documentation

If you’re already fairly advanced in your PROFIBUS or PROFINET knowledge, or are a device manufacturer searching for specifications, then the Download section on the PI website is comprehensive.

  • Download Section – Files range from simple forms to executables to help you engineer and commission PROFIBUS and PROFINET devices. Much of it is free, although some files require joining PI for access.