New Products – February 2021

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New Laser Power Meter with PROFINET

MKS Instruments has announced the Ophir Helios Plus, an expanded version of the Ophir Helios industrial laser power meter. The Helios Plus – Profinet measures high power industrial lasers of up to 12kW by measuring the energy of a short time exposure to this power. The laser is set to a pulse of from 0.3 to several seconds. The Helios Plus – Profinet measures the energy and exposure time of this sample of the power, and from this calculates the power. By keeping the pulse energy under 5 kJ, there is no need for water cooling, and the Helios power sensor can be kept to a compact size.


Modern machines and devices use all available process data to make processes transparent and optimize them. PROFINET is a communication standard that is ideally suited for this. It is therefore hardly surprising that Dunkermotoren, as a drive technology manufacturer, makes use of this technology. BG 95 dPro PN was the first fully integrated PROFINET motor from Dunkermotoren. BG 66 dPro PN followed at the end of 2020, and BG 75 dPro PN is launching in early 2021.

Ultrasonic Sensors with IO-Link

Flexibility, comprehensive functionality, and future-proof data transfer options are among the top requirements for sensors in IIoT and Industry 4.0 environments. Pepperl+Fuchs’ new UC18GS series of ultrasonic sensors with an IO-Link interface meets them by relying on proven and robust technology combined with up-to-date features. The devices can be used in process automation as well as in manufacturing applications. The same sensor can be comfortably configured to perform highly diverse tasks by using push buttons, an IrDA interface, or IO-Link (DTM/Pactware).

Modular All-In-One Industrial PCs

With its all-in-one solutions (AIO), Phoenix Contact offers industrial PCs with a completely closed die-cast aluminum housing (IP65), which are ideally suited for modern operating concepts due to their powerful technology, modular extendibility, and integrated PROFIsafe functionality. If the user wants to incorporate the operating solution into an existing PROFINET network, a gigabit-capable switch with PROFINET and PROFIsafe function is available to forward the data.

Single-Beam Photoelectric Safety Switches

SICK has unveiled its next-generation L25 and L26 family of single-beam photoelectric safety switches, equipped with SICK’s “BluePilot” alignment and IO-Link for smart, real-time communication, ensuring maximum machine uptime while protecting personnel from hazardous machinery. With a scanning range up to 50 meters, the SICK L25 and L26 are Type 2 devices available in visible red light and infra-red (IR) versions for a wide versatility in safety applications up to PL c (SIL 1).


Analog Devices is now sampling the ADIN1110 10BASE-T1L MAC-PHY. ADIN1110 enables lower power, Ethernet connectivity on a single twisted pair cable up to 1,700m with only 43mW of power consumption. With a 10BASE-T1L MAC-PHY, Ethernet connectivity to a processor is via SPI, reducing the burden on the processor and removing the need for an integrated MAC. The MAC is now integrated directly with the 10BASE-T1L PHY.

Gateway for PROFIBUS Systems

The smartLink HW-DP from Softing Industrial Automation provides controller-independent access to PROFIBUS DP networks. The compact tool can be integrated without affecting the operation of existing installations and thus enables Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks. The smartLink HW-DP V1.01 enables access to the process, asset, and diagnostic data from PROFIBUS devices connected to PROFIBUS remote I/Os.

All-in-One Chip Available Now

The new profichip® TRITON from Yaskawa combines industrial Ethernet communication capable of gigabit speeds, a fast and reliable backplane bus system, and a powerful multi-core processor. This innovative product is available on the market now. The aim was to achieve the most advanced interfaces, fast computing cores, minimal power loss, an integrated back-plane bus master, and a communication interface for industrial Ethernet protocols like PROFINET, including PROFINET IRT.

New Networked Chain Hoist

The new STAHL CraneSystems® STF electric chain hoist from Columbus McKinnon is specially designed for stepless lifting and positioning applications. Equipped with Magnetek® IMPULSE®G+ Mini drives, STF hoists provide variable speeds for applications requiring precision control. Since the frequency inverter can be connected to field bus systems, such as Profibus, the STF chain hoist is an important step towards Industry 4.0.

Versatility in Dispensing with PROFINET

Carlisle Fluid Technologies has introduced its new i-Flow GP shot meter-based dispensing system. It works with a wide range of single-component sealant and adhesive applications, including mastics, silicones, greases, epoxies, acrylics, urethanes, and PVCs for non-automotive robotic dispensing systems. The unit provides easy integration with most fieldbus protocols, including PROFINET.