UWB Alliance and omlox Kickoff Collaboration

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The UWB Alliance (UWBA) and the omlox community of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) have signed a joint liaison agreement to work together in partnership on areas of mutual interest.

Within the liaison, UWBA focuses on matters arising from the promotion of UWB technology and advancing updates of the UWB rulesets in the United States and EU, as well as furthering global ruleset and spectrum management harmonization. omlox – the open location standard – focuses on the definition and promotion of the UWB technology to provide cost-efficient real-time locating services for the industry in an open and interoperable manner.

The UWBA was established in 2018 to foster the use of UWB technology solutions, promote industry growth and advocate favorable regulatory developments worldwide. In addition to promoting the adoption of UWB technology, the alliance works with public policy officials around the world to further the understanding of UWB capabilities, use cases and promote advantageous UWB rulesets.  Most recently, the UWBA was successful in advocating for changed duty cycle measurements in the EU.

omlox was also established in the same year to develop an open and interoperable standard for real-time locating services in the industry based on UWB (amongst other locating technologies). Today, omlox is an award-winning standard, driven by a large ecosystem of soft- and hardware vendors, as well as system integrators and research labs, and hosted by PI (PROFIBUS & PROFIBUS International).

“In-line with our expectations, last year UWB achieved the milestone of widespread acceptance in consumer electronics,” said Timothy Harrington, Chairman of the UWBA. “Three of the top-ten smartphone vendors adopted it in conjunction with the IEEE 802.15.4z standard in their latest smartphone products. It also made a significant jump to laptops, mass-market wearables, and smart home products. Through our partnership with the omlox community, we can enrich and inspire the already thriving environment in which innovation for UWB products, applications, technologies, and use cases drive forward the global UWB ecosystem to take the market for UWB to the next level.”

“By working together in harmony, we can provide input and synergy on many important technical and regulatory matters both with our standardization efforts and providing alignment concerning certain future aspects for the development of the UWB rulesets worldwide. This will help unlock more innovative use-cases for the industry and augment the huge adoption curve for UWB technology. We are looking forward to active involvement and participation in our roles working together to multiply the unfolding opportunities for our memberships.” Commented Matthias Jöst, PI Committee Leader of omlox.