New Products – November 2021

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Ex Area PROFINET Remote IO Valve Terminal

The BEx1 Remote IO valve terminal from BEx Solutions combines bus nodes, isolating switching amplifiers, intrinsically safe IO channels and the pneumatic valve terminal. The PROFINET connection is executed in increased safety Ex e. Ex media converters or fieldbus couplers in the safe area are not required and full Ethernet performance can be used. No I/O modules are required on the PLC. The ATEX certified system in the field housing is designed for installation in Zone 1/21.

New Inductive Couplers with IO-Link

Non-contact power transmission, fast data transfer and condition monitoring in one: the new BIC M30 inductive couplers from Balluff are particularly suitable for production lines where flexibility is required. The IO-Link interface of the inductive couplers enables a frictionless, transparent, and very fast exchange of data between the IO-Link device and the IO-Link network module.

Miniaturized PROFINET Connections

Since June 2021, the PROFINET Guidline for Cabling and Interconnection Technology strengthens the trend towards miniaturization. PROFINET users are benefiting from ix Industrial plugs/sockets from HARTING – an Ethernet interface that is significantly more compact than RJ45 solutions. Consequently, manufacturers of PROFINET-compliant devices are now able to develop more compact devices on a secure and reliable basis.

RFID Read/Write Devices with IO-Link

Turck is presenting three new RFID read/write devices with IO-Link in M18 and M30 threaded barrel and Q40 rectangular designs. Existing IO-Link applications can be effortlessly expanded with RFID using the new devices. With their fast COM3 interface and 32-byte process data width, the HF readers significantly improve the performance of IO-Link RFID systems.