New Products – June 2022

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New Compact Controllers from Emerson

Emerson has announced the release of its PACSystems™ RSTi-EP CPE 200 programmable automation controllers (PAC). CPE 200 series controllers offer OPC UA Secure and PROFINET communication protocols to enable flexible connectivity to a wide variety of devices over high-speed 1GB Ethernet.

Softing Introduces Module for Implementing Ethernet-APL

commModule APL, a new hardware module from Softing Industrial Automation, is designed to support device manufacturers in implementing Ethernet-APL field devices for the process industry quickly and reliably. commModule-APL is delivered with a pre-installed PROFINET stack. It provides a configurable application data model and commands mapping to migrate existing HART and Modbus devices to Ethernet-APL.

ARM-based Module for Communication via PROFINET

Deutschmann Automation has extended its powerful UNIGATE IC2 series and presents the new embedded solution UNIGATE IC2 PROFINET. The ready-to-use UNIGATE IC2 PROFINET module provides reliable PROFINET connectivity and can be quickly and readily installed in a terminal device or sensor system. The integrated ARM Cortex-M4 processor technology provides fast communication.

Industrial Plasma Applications with PROFINET

Advanced Energy Industries has announced a comprehensive RF power delivery solution that combines advanced digitally-controlled power supplies with accurate digital impedance matching network. Designed for thin-film industrial applications, the ALTA™ platform ensures versatile, accurate and repeatable control that enhances process stability and provides best-in-class yield. Seamless system integration is accomplished via state-of-the-art communication interfaces including PROFINET.

Powerful controller for high safety requirements

The BPC 9102S Remote Field Controller from Phoenix Contact is the most powerful controller in the product range based on PLCnext Technology. It was developed especially for applications with the highest safety requirements and extreme conditions. Safety of machinery is ensured through diversified processors and support for up to 300 PROFIsafe devices.

Connect IO-Link Sensors to the Cloud

ifm electronic has launched an easy-to-use plug-and-play data acquisition solution that allows IO-Link sensors to send process values to the cloud even from locations where no network connection is available. The new IO Key supports up to two IO-Link sensors and transmits data via the GSM mobile network. It is fully preconfigured and requires no SIM card.

New Module a ‘universal translator’ for PROFINET

Grid Connect and Real Time Automation (RTA) have partnered to bring original equipment makers a new embedded module that serves as a universal translator for enabling serial devices (RS-232, 422, 485, SPI, I2C) to communicate via PROFINET and others. OEMs also gain the capability to push data from plant-floor and field devices to analytical and business applications via OPC UA and MQTT. To develop the highly integrated, compact module (33mm x 23mm x 3mm), the companies combined RTA’s protocol stacks with Grid Connect’s know-how of hardware and IIoT.

Indoor/Outdoor Industrial Asset Tracking with omlox

Pozyx has announced the launch of its new Pozyx software Platform, a future-proof asset tracking and identification solution for seamless indoor and outdoor tracking, based on the omlox hub and supporting multiple location technologies. The new Pozyx Platform is based on the omlox hub where location data from UWB, 5G, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS converge. Independent of technology and manufacturer, the data is made available to other applications via standardized APIs.

Industrial MCU Gets Gbit Time-Sensitive Networking and Security

NXP has announced the i.MX RT1180 crossover MCU, claiming it to be the first with an integrated Gb Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) switch. The chip family can handle real-time industrial ethernet protocols such as PROFINET, as well as TSN standards compliant to IEC 60802. The main processor is an 800 MHz ARM Cortex-M7, and security processing comes from a 240MHz Cortex-M33 with the company’s ‘EdgeLock’ root-of-trust that manages secure boot, authenticated debug, life-cycle security, keys, and tamper monitoring.