New Products 2/2 – July 2022 [IO-Link]

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Condition Monitoring Sensor with IO-Link

Turck‘s CMTH combined humidity and temperature sensor is now available in a compact variant with improved IIoT integration for smart condition monitoring applications. The interface provided also supports easy integration: The standard IO-Link Smart Sensor Profile (version 4.1.2.) with 64 bits on two channels simplifies the vendor-neutral configuration of networked systems.

Pressure, Level, and Temperature Sensors with IO-Link

Euroswitch has announced three new lines of sensors with IO-Link. The range includes the 987 differential pressure transmitter, the ESL level sensor and the EST temperature sensor. The common denominator of the new Euroswitch sensors is the integration of the IO-Link protocol for end-to-end communication. Each IO-Link sensor has an accompanying IODD file describing the device and its IO-Link functions.

Absolute Rotary Encoders Now with IO-Link Interface

POSITAL has announced that its family of absolute rotary encoders has been expanded to include support for the popular IO-Link communications interface. Multi-turn models have several new features, including 16 bit resolution, the ability to output rotation speed directly to the controller and the addition of electronic cam/preset/reset functionality (making use of binary digital signals transmitted through Pin 2 of the connector).

Thermal Flow Meter with IO-Link Interface

The EE741 flow meter by E+E Elektronik measures the standard volumetric and mass flow of compressed air and technical gases. The modular designed measuring device can be used for pipe diameters from DN15 to DN50. The EE741 now also offers an IO-Link interface, and this means that it can be easily integrated with IO-Link-based automation systems. The EE741 can be configured either via the optional LCD display or using the EE-PCS Configurator PC software, which is available for free.

Amplifier Makes Sensor Heads IO-Link Capable

The new BAE amplifier series from Balluff enables IO-Link communication for optoelectronic sensors. This allows you to use Balluff’s precise miniature sensors and versatile light bands in centralized, lean production environments. IO-Link enables monitoring of important system parameters and process data such as operating hours, temperature, voltage peaks and signal strength — a big step towards predictive maintenance. All built-in options such as sensitivity, light/dark mode or measuring principle can be easily set via buttons on the device or via IO-Link.