New Products – August 2022

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Integration of Industry 4.0 Applications in PROFIBUS

The smartLink HW-DP from Softing enables access to process, asset, and diagnostic data from PROFIBUS devices and HART devices connected to PROFIBUS remote I/Os, as well as secure export to any system inside and outside the user’s own network. The new version v1.20 now adds support for providing asset and diagnostic data from field devices via MQTT. This allows easy integration into typical IoT system architectures, such as the Namur Open Architecture (NOA) or the IoT reference architectures of large cloud platforms.

Magnetic Position Sensors with IO-Link

Turck has extended its offering of compact position sensors with the WIM-IOL series for detecting magnetic pistons in pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. The new series consists of eight sensors with IO-Link 1.1, covering measuring ranges from 32 mm to 256 mm. IO-Link and the integrated pushbutton enable users to teach the measuring range of sensors quickly and conveniently to the stroke of the pistons in the cylinder.

Electronic Position Indicator with IO-Link

The AP05 position indicator from SIKO ensures that product changes and format adjustments are carried out safely and ergonomically, thanks in particular to intelligent communication with the higher-level machine controller. Setpoints, actual position values and the positioning status are exchanged, which converts the manual spindle adjustment into a monitored process. With their ability to display these values to the machine operator on the adjusting spindle, they increase the comfort for the setter enormously. The AP05 now also features the innovative IO-Link interface.

New IO-Link Wireless Data Transmission

With its wireless IO-Link variant, Balluff is expanding its portfolio with a fast, reliable and flexible solution – while guaranteeing consistent system integration and compatibility. IO-Link Wireless is used wherever classic data transmission was previously impossible or only possible with difficulty. Instead of using cables, the wireless master receives the sensor data by radio via a bridge or hub.