New Products – November 2022

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Flow Sensor with Plain Text Display

Turck has added the FS101 flow sensor to its FS+ fluid sensor family. The four-digit 12 segment display on the devices shows the current flow value clearly as a percentage of the setpoint. The implemented IO-Link smart sensor profile simplifies the conversion of the IO-Link flow sensors of other manufacturers to the FS+ devices since process data, parameters and functions are standardized.

FOC Converters Transmit Fieldbus Data via Fiber Optics

Turck is presenting new optocouplers for transmitting fieldbus communication via fiber optic cable (FOC). The single or dual-channel devices of the FOC series transfer fieldbus protocols such as PROFIBUS as light signals along fiber optic cables. The two Ex variants of the FOC couplers are unique on the market as they can be installed in zone 1 and can transmit intrinsically safe signals in accordance with RS485IS.

Collaborative Robot with a Payload of 16kg

OMRON has announced the launch of OMRON TM16 collaborative robot with a payload of 16 kg. The TM16 is the strongest in the family of collaborative robots, and also features a 900 mm reach, optional built-in vision, as well as PROFINET connectivity. The TM16 complies with ISO/TS 15066, allowing it to be installed with reduced amounts of safeguarding. This enables the cobot to work side-by-side with human workers and minimize the amount of space dedicated to the robot.

Compact Monitoring Device for Data Cables

ETHERLINE® GUARD is the latest innovative solution from LAPP. This compact device monitors the performance of your highly loaded ethernet cable at risk of failure (e.g. function-critical data cable in dynamic applications) and displays its current status. It is suitable for data cables according to transmission standard 100BASE-TX (with 100 Mbit/s) according to IEEE 802.3 including 2-pair PROFINET. Its use is intended in control cabinets (protection class IP 20).

Bridge Evaluation Module for IO-Link Wireless

KUNBUS is expanding its IO-Link Wireless product portfolio with a Bridge Evaluation Module. This makes it possible to produce your own bridges together with the pre-installed IO-Link Master software, the IO-Link Wireless Device software and a bridge example application. The KUNBUS Bridge Evaluation Module serves as an optimal blueprint for device manufacturers. It shortens time-to-market, reduces product development costs and strengthens competitiveness.

Expanded Range of High-Performance Gateways

HMS Networks has expanded its second generation Anybus® Communicator™ range of high-performance gateways, enabling more data to be transferred faster within industrial applications. Thirteen new versions including those that bridge PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and other networks make it simple to connect control systems, remove islands of automation, and maximize opportunities to increase operational performance. The Anybus NP40 industrial network processor ensures that the communicators meet demanding requirements in terms of industrial performance, reliability and security. Featuring new hardware and software, the gateways enable instant data transfer — up to 10 times faster than their predecessors.

OT-IT Convergence & Factory-wide Condition Monitoring

NXTGN, the Industrial IoT consulting & implementation provider, and CoreTigo, the industrial wireless automation specialist, enable factory-wide wireless monitoring to improve operational efficiency and simplify machine retrofit. The two companies have recently announced their joint development of a unique IIOT gateway solution that enables both IO-Link Wireless and cellular communication. CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Master 1T SOM (System on Module) is integrated inside the NXTGN CM007 Cloud Gateway along with an integrated SIM card that transmits data to the cloud application via 4G/LTE M or NB-IoT (with 2G as a fallback).

Installation on the Next Level

BEx-Solution is presenting  its new compact IP67 series T-REx® as Ex i and Ex e versions. The module is certified according to IECEx, ATEX, North America and the maritime approval DNV. The IP67 module can be mounted directly in Zone 1/21 without an additional housing and enables a standardized and decentralized structure of systems. Namur sensors, 4-20 mA field devices and solenoid valves are connected directly using a short cable route. Each module is equipped with a PROFINET interface.

New Level Sensor to Detect Even Process Water

The new CombiLevel PLP70 sensor from Baumer automatically adapts to varied media and offers user-friendly process monitoring thanks to the large touch display. To users, the most interesting innovation of the PLP70 potentiometric level sensor is its performance in media of low minimum conductivity. Potentiometric level sensor PLP70 – with IO-Link interface – enables efficient process monitoring and control with maximum flexibility.