New IO-Link Products – March 2023

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Full-Metal Inductive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link

Carlo Gavazzi announces the launch of the new ICF Full-Metal Inductive Sensors. This new sensor family offers increased uptime due to their durable stainless-steel housing and intelligent monitoring capabilities. Applications in harsh environments such as agriculture, food & beverage, and machining will benefit from the ICF Full-Metal Inductive Sensors. An IO-Link interface is included in every ICF inductive sensor for easy ordering, application flexibility, and reduced inventory.

‘First’ IO-Link Smart Incremental Encoder

Baumer claims to be offering the first bearing-free, smart incremental encoder that supports IO-Link. It predicts that the EB200E encoder will open up new applications by allowing it to be parameterised via IO-Link. For example, its two switching outputs can be set to act as a speed monitor for overspeed, speed range, standstill or direction of rotation. Up to eight of the encoders to be connected to an IO-Link master using standard cables. The encoder is said to cut the cost and effort of cabling, while the speed-monitoring function will replace the need for additional hardware components.

New IO-Link Pressure Transmitter

The NAI 8273 IO-Link pressure transmitter from Trafag is designed as a smart sensor and provides application-relevant diagnostic functions and recorded information in addition to the process data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The process data contains the pressure value and the media temperature value, which is measured directly at the exceptionally long-term stable thin-film-on-steel pressure sensor cell with triple (optionally 5-fold) overpressure protection. The small and smart pressure sensor combined with available measuring ranges from 0.2 to 700 bar with a pressure measuring accuracy of ±0.5 % FS or ±0.3 % FS make the NAI 8273 the ideal choice in various industry 4.0 applications.

Combined Vibration/Temperature Sensor with IO-Link

Turck has expanded its product portfolio with the CMVT, a robust vibration sensor with integrated temperature measurement for condition monitoring applications. Vibration and temperature are the key characteristic values for detecting machine faults early on, such as those caused by the imbalance of rotating parts. The CMVT detects vibration on three axes and evaluates them internally. It outputs a warning signal directly if the set limit values are exceeded – either via IO-Link or as a switching signal.