New Products – April 2023

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Field Data Enablement for IT

On average, industrial companies use only 20% of the data available for the automation of their machines and plants. Yet a lot of unlocked potential lies hidden at the field level. With Field Data Enablement from SIEMENS, data that was previously inaccessible can be made directly accessible to IT systems such as Edge or Cloud without detours via OT. The combination of software and hardware components ensures that no additional sensors need to be retrofitted. Access data from the field via existing PROFINET connections. This can be done parallel to the data usage of a controller.

Miniature Contrast Sensors with IO-Link

The new KRT 3C contrast sensor from Leuze can be flexibly integrated into packaging processes thanks to its multicolor capability and small size. With the KRT 3C contrast sensor, Leuze is presenting the smallest contrast sensor it has ever made for the packaging industry. Plant operators benefit from a compact device that can be used in many different ways: The KRT 3C detects reliably and position-accurately even if there are only small contrast differences and with glossy surfaces or highly reflective materials. Users can easily setup the KRT 3C via the integrated IO-Link interface.

New Series of Temperature Transmitters with IO-Link

Omega‘s newest RTDs, the PRTXI and the PRTXS Series, offer more configuration and higher temperature ranges than other RTDs on the market. These innovative sensors, which feature both 4-20 mA and IO-Link outputs, offer versatility for use in either analog or digital control systems — allowing for superb data transfer and the elimination of external influence of the signal. The PRTXI and PRTXS Series are designed with rugged 316L stainless steel housing and are IP69 rated.

New Multistage Vacuum Pumps with IO-Link

After the launch in 2022 of the CMS HD series of multistage vacuum pumps, COVAL is completing its offer with the VX range, a version with embedded intelligence. The multi-stage vacuum generation technology ensures that the CMS HD VX vacuum pumps have a high suction flow rate, up to 1600 Nl/min. The IO-Link communication interface makes the CMS HD VX vacuum pump easy to use and allows for fast and cost-effective installation, continuous diagnostics, centralized parameterization, and efficient communication with higher-level protocols (e.g. PROFINET).

Retrofitting Flowmeters with IO-Link

The IO-Link communication standard is the optimal solution for efficiently exchanging sensor data at field level in industrial systems. VSE Volumentechnik GmbH is now launching the new IO.flow® converter: an IO-Link extension for all VSE flowmeters. The result is a smart volume measuring device, which is either available as a complete system or can be integrated into existing systems as an upgrade/add-on. The IO.flow® converter consists of an aluminum housing with two M12 connectors on the side, to which the flowmeter and the IO-Link master are connected.

Flexible IO-Link Class-A Master

Turck has added the TBEN-L-8IOLA class A IO-Link master to its IO-Link portfolio. The block I/O module with the robust TBEN-L housing provides eight Class-A IO-Link master ports. Class-A ports are preferred for connecting smart sensors since their digital channels and voltage level are clearly separated. Each of the eight female connectors provide two universal DXP channels, which can alternatively be used as an input or output – so that the universal module offers up to 16 channels. The 2A current carrying capacity on pin 2 of all ports also enables the supply of actuators with increased power requirements. The master can be utilized in PROFINET networks transparently by the user.