New Use-Case Implemented for PROFIdrive

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Thanks to the release of the VIK-NAMUR specific GSD file – a new use-case has been added to the PROFIdrive profile and now allows any device change during operation without adapting a device-specific configuration or changing setting parameters – even when changing devices across manufacturer boundaries.

This kind of system behavior, which is desirable in process industries, was achieved by introducing the so-called standard telegram 20, which the VIK Committee “Drive Technology” developed together with PI’s PROFIdrive Working Group. It includes set up on PROFINET.

Due to the precise definition of the telegram contents and the introduction of a General Station Description file (GSD), the direct exchange of devices can now be carried out without conflict with the higher-level control system, thereby ensuring safe continued operation of the plant and proper functioning.

The solution is aimed at applications with frequency converters for supplying three-phase motors. It is especially applicable for use in process industries. First pilot customers are now starting practical field trials.

Due to the easy type and manufacturer-independent unit change: project engineering, planning and maintenance of drive systems is considerably simplified and enables increased availability in operation and a streamlined service concept.

The PROFIdrive profile is based on international standards (IEC61800-7 and GB/T 25740) which can be independently certified by the test laboratories of PI. Certification of the PROFIdrive VIK/NAMUR functionality described above in accordance with the VE28, VE34, NE122 recommendation is also guaranteed.

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