IO-Link Application Story – Double-Sheet Detection

Double-sheet detection is a critical application required to prevent metal sheets from flying across the factory floor, causing costly damages and possibly even human injury.  In press shop operations, where precision and efficiency are paramount, double-sheet detectors are emerging as indispensable tools, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution for detecting single and double-sheet scenarios. Traditional double-sheet detection systems often find limited deployment due to the fact that they are optimized for a particular metal alloy, of a particular thickness.

By using advanced detection technology and IO-Link, Contrinex put in place a double-sheet detector able to adapt to virtually any thickness, operating range, and alloy characteristics. This was made possible thanks to the ability to configure the device with IO-Link. Nevertheless, this requires the modification of up to 20 parameters at a time, which makes this process a bit tedious if done manually.

In order to speed up this manual process, Contrinex utilizes an IO-Link configuration tool called PocketCodr.  It uses technology called an “Action Widget” to configure the IO-Link devices. Users follow a set of easy-to-use steps:

  1.  Connect the device to the PocketCodr and open the Double-Sheet Teach Action Widget
  2.  Select a material type, thickness and operating range
  3.  Teach with nothing in front
  4.  Teach with one sheet in position
  5.  Teach with two sheets in position

The device will be automatically configured properly for successful deployment. Because of the great simplicity and the critical nature of this application, the configuration tool prevents mistakes and ensures higher security on the factory floor. Change a parameter of the device without using the dedicated Action Widget, and the device will constantly simulate the detection of a second sheet.

In summary, the integration of smart sensors with IO-Link and simplified configuration with the PocketCodr tool makes double-sheet detection comprehensive, secure, and cost-effective thereby enhancing productivity, preserving sheet metal tool integrity along with precision across a spectrum of material types.