New Products – May 2024

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Signal Tower with IO-Link

With 20 RGB LED slices, 21 adjustable colors and ten different light patterns, the Modlight60 Pro RGB IO-Link signal tower from Murrelektronik offers flexible options for clear, attention-grabbing signaling by visually separating the individual RGB LED slices – even in challenging environments. The LED brightness can be variably adjusted, with an eco mode reducing the brightness by 50 percent to create an energy-efficient signal tower. One version of the tower has a buzzer with eight different sounds for customized acoustic signaling.

Magnetic Field/Temperature Sensor with IO-Link

The CMMT 3-axis magnetic field/temperature sensor with IO-Link is the third sensor type that Turck has developed specifically for easy-to-use and retrofittable condition monitoring applications. It complements the existing range consisting of the CMVT vibration/temperature sensor and the CMTH for humidity and temperature measurements. The device outputs measured values individually or as a vector sum via IO-Link. Users can also assign two independent switching outputs. The CMMT supports the IO-Link Smart Sensor Profile 4.1.4.

Inductive IO-Link Sensors with Analog Output

Turck is expanding its sensor range with inductive measuring sensors with IO-Link and an analog output for flush and non-flush mounting. The devices have an adjustable 0 to 10 V voltage output as well as an additional switching output that can be freely parameterized via IO-Link, thus providing precise measurement data and extensive diagnostic functions for predictive maintenance.

IO-Link Radar Scanner Provides 3D Movement Data

Turck‘s MR15-Q80 is a radar scanner that records and outputs environmental data in three dimensions and is available with an IO-Link interface. The 60 gigahertz radar scanner detects objects up to 15 meters away within the freely definable detection angles of 120° horizontally and 100° vertically. The data can be used, for example, for 3D object detection, collision avoidance, height control or blind spot monitoring.

Compact Distance Sensor with IO-Link

The time-of-flight principle of measurement has been integrated into the R20x compact housing design, combining precise and rugged long-distance measurement technology for areas where space is very limited. This new optical sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs achieves detection ranges of up to 10 m on white objects and up to 60 m in combination with a reflector. It always outputs a rugged distance signal and maintains a repeat accuracy of up to 3 mm. Featuring an integrated IO-Link interface in the latest version V1.1.3, this sensor is also ideally suited for future Industry 4.0 applications.

Signal Light with IO-Link

The new signal light from Pepperl+Fuchs offers additional functions due to the integrated IO-Link interface. For example, all nine segments of the signal light can be individually controlled and configured, allowing users to flexibly choose between various lighting modes and brightness levels. For applications where a particularly high level of personal and system safety is required, acoustic signals can be emitted via the integrated 105 dB siren as an additional protective measure. For simple integration, the individual segments are configured via the IODD (IO-Link Device Description) file, also meaning the light can be connected to various IO-Link masters and controlled accordingly.

Plastic Electrical Actuators with PROFINET

Plastic electric Actuators by GF Piping Systems are designed with the standard ISO 5211 interface that allows them to be mounted on manufacturer-independent valves. Typical ball, butterfly, or diaphragm valves can thus be operated. For the types EA25/45/120/250, the accessory board PROFINET provides the possibility to integrate the Electric Actuator in a PROFINET network. The same accessory board is also available for the e-Diastar which is an electric diaphragm valves for dimensions DN25 and DN50. All these actuators support line and ring topologies via two M12 connectors or cable glands with internal RJ45 wiring as well as the Media Redundancy Protocol.

PC Card in Mini PCIe Half Size Format

Hilscher has released a new multiprotocol-capable cifX PC card in the extremely small format Mini PCIe halfsize. With only 26.8 mm width and 30 mm length, the cifX HPCIE90 PC card for industrial communication fits in nearly every application from IPCs and HMIs over vision systems to robotics. The card is based on Hilscher’s netX-90 communication controller. This enables the card to flexibly cover all common industrial protocols, including PROFINET and PROFIBUS with just one piece of hardware.

New Inductive Ring Sensors with IO-Link

The new inductive ring sensors in the IRSD series from di-soric can detect small metal parts precisely and reliably. IP67 protection type industrial ring sensors are primarily used with supply tubes in wide parts within the assembly and handling technology. The sensors, which are available in eight sizes, can fit in almost any application. Users can either set the multifunctional ring sensors directly on the device, via a teaching line, or remotely via IO-Link. Furthermore, the digital interface provides the user access to the complete spectrum of digitized parameterization and diagnosis in ongoing operation.

M12 Capacitive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link

Carlo Gavazzi has introduced three new series of M12 capacitive sensors with IO-Link communications. Semiconductor and printing applications benefit from this kind of data for accurate detection of different sized objects, shapes, and dielectric values. In addition to the full range of technical features provided by the capacitive sensor families, the IO-Link communication allows additional advanced data, such as: QoR (Quality of Run), QoT (Quality of Teach), temperature and dust alarms, and diagnostic parameters.

Upgraded Production Control System with PROFINET

Yokogawa announces the May 31, 2024 release of CENTUM™ VP R6.11.10, an enhanced version of the CENTUM VP integrated production control system that is a core product in their OpreX™ Control and Safety System family of solutions. With this new version of CENTUM VP, plant uptime is improved through the addition of a redundancy function to a new I/O card that supports communications via the PROFINET protocol for industrial networks. To improve plant uptime, an S2 redundancy function has been added to the new PROFINET card, enabling its use in a redundant configuration.

Force Sensor Offers IO-Link Option

To help engineers working in production and assembly lines – or those handling test challenges that require measurements of tensile/compressive forces in confined spaces – HBK has released the U93A, an easy to mount miniature force sensor with the option of digital and analog interfaces. The U93A is available as traditional passive mV/V sensor or users can order the force transducer with different hardwired amplifier modules. Models with 0–10 V or 4–20 mA are available, as well as a digital module with IO–Link interface.

Customizable Load Cell Measurement Chain with IO-Link

The Load Cell Measurement Chain (LCMC) is a unique combination of a chosen HBK load cell and amplifier unit. With a selection of 14 available load cells, users can select the one that best suits their requirements and pair it with a common amplifier unit, including IO-Link. With a potential for 11,000 unique configurations, this standardized solution  ensures a precise match for the needs of almost any application The IO-Link interface brings smart functions (pre-preprocessing of data, self-monitoring, and warnings), bidirectional sensor communication, and easy installation.