Palm Oil Tank Farms Ready for Digitalization

Giant tank farms are coming into existence with the flourishing palm oil industry in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, a new project has been implemented which directly integrates PROFIBUS PA segments via PROFINET. This tight integration was critical when it came time to design an installation that would be up to Industry 4.0.

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Water Treatment Plant Modernization [App Story]

PROFINET is modernizing wastewater treatment plants across Denmark. The customer is Novafos, a major water company serving nine municipalities in eastern Denmark, close to Copenhagen. Novafos operates 17 drinking water plants and 18 sewage treatment plants and treats around 20 million cubic meters of water annually.

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Grinding Machine 4.0 [App Story]

IO-Link brings greater flexibility, efficiency, and easier handling to the new Fives Giustina grinding machines. With IO-Link and centrally-stored parameter recipes, format and product changes are easy and can be accomplished in the shortest possible time. Together with Balluff, the Italian manufacturer has made its machines Industry 4.0-capable.

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Remote Battery Monitoring with PROFINET [App Story]

Electric Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes are high-tech machines that operate in shipping container terminals. Instead of being restricted to moving on a track, these cranes are able to straddle multiple lanes on their rubber wheels. But, how do you provide a stable supply of power? PROFINET plus a radio-based IoT Edge Gateway play key roles.

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